2-Word New gTLD Domains And A New Type Of Typos

newgtldI don’t like 2 word new gtld domains because they lack a certain symmetry and also because for the simple reason that they are longer that what they should be!

This left.right keyword symmetry is the reason I like New gTLDs.

I don’t like 3 word .com names to begin with. I see 2-word New gTLDs as the equivalent of 3-word .coms. Getting a 3-word .com is not that hard and even resale prices are pretty low for these kind of names.

Of course there could be a few exceptions.for 2-word New gTLDs and 3-word .com.

Just to be clear, I define a 2-word new gtld as a domain name that has 2 keywords on the left side of the dot.

The whole point of New gTLDs is to find available domains more easily and get rid of the .com at the end. It means getting rid of an extension that makes no sense to some people and keeping just the relevant keywords and adding a dot between them.

Don’t get me wrong. .Com is still king of the domains and will be for many years. But some can’t pay the money that a premium 2-word .com demands and will go for a New gTLD. And if you are looking for a substitute for number, acronym and 1-word domains you won’t find it at New gTLD easily.

But I thought of another reason of why I don’t like 2-word new gtlds. Removing the .com and adding a dot between the keywords means that a lot of users dealing with 2-word new gtld domains (that consist of 3 keywords in total) will probably add dots between all words. So the user will end up in a subdomain of the 1-word new gtld that, if setup correctly, will get the traffic.

For example a user trying to type bluecars.auction could end up at blue.cars.auction that is actually the domain name cars.auction. This shorter domain could be owned by a domain investor or could be reserved by the registry. This new type of typos will be a big problem for 2-word New gTLDs. I see a lot of people buying these and they should really careful. If removing 1 of the 2 keywords at the left of the dot doesn’t affect the meaning then you have a problem.

Of course someone typing the 2-word New gTLD domain name could skip the dot and simply add .com at the end. But that is another discussion… Or is it?

I don’t know if this type of typos exist in 2-word .com as well. I know people are typing cars.com instead of bluecars.com but are they typing blue.cars.com as well? Is this a new type of typos or not?


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  1. You make a good point regarding users getting confused about the dots between words. It’s harder to determine what is legitimate, especially when subdomains are included.

    Even with common scams like spoofing/phishing emails it’s increasingly difficult for the average user to determine what is real or not.

    Here’s a completely made up example (nothing against .online btw):


    It’s unfortunate but it wouldn’t surprise me if that had a decent click-through rate if sent in a legit looking email.

  2. It’s amazing that i did not see your name for blog of the year. What’s up with that?.

  3. Well, i’m sorry but that’s a bunch of bull, your always keeping everyone up to date with what’s going on in this industry and i like the fact that you enter act with all the people that read and post on your blog.
    I for one was amazed when i didn’t see your name and think they need to take a better look at who the strong domain bloggers are.
    As for your post today, i agree.

    • Nobody voted for me last year too so it is not a surprise. And a few people had said they are going to vote for me but then forgot about it.
      I was on holidays this year and I too forgot to vote. No big deal. I prefer a few more comments from readers than a couple of votes. I wouldn’t have won anyway.

      And maybe you didn’t notice that I didn’t write the second thing…

  4. Okay tell us the 2nd thing

    • 🙂
      Just to be clear, I am not talking about bloggers only.
      But I don’t have anyone working with (or for) me to vote for me.
      But as I said I don’t have a problem with this. It is just bad for the awards.
      Last year the problem was bigger. I saw some people that were candidates and I had never heard of them before.

  5. I consider those nominations so important and credible that I have to force myself to remember when/where/what/if/how I read something about those prizes… I simply completely skipped those articles after the word “nominations”…

    You remain top blogger, simply the domain industry doesn’t need press releases, but battles to correct all the distortions in the industry. This was the place for those battles, but it seems now is Press Release Time everywhere…

  6. whats your take on .city domains ? where it is a different variety of ending.

  7. Guys what do you think of feli.city? Drop or renew? Thanks.

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