The Domain Was Once Owned By ABC-Disney That Let It Expire!

gtldsDid the owner of the domain name hit the jackpot or will he get unwanted legal trouble?

The domain name was originally registered by ABC Properties, Inc. (Disney) in 2000 at Network Solutions.

The domain expired in November 2004, went into a “Pending Renewal or Deletion” state at Network Solutions and then was bought by Indian registrant. The registrant backordered the domain at and got it.

Did ABC let the domain name expire on purpose or did someone forgot to renew it?

The domain was parked soon after it was bought and still is. The domain was transferred to Enom in 2005.

The registrant of owns more than 200 domain names related to real estate such as,, and

The domain name went behind whois privacy on the 10th or 11th of August. Just after the Google Alphabet and announcement. Not sure why.

Traffic to must have seen a big spike in the last few days. The domain is not offered for sale on its landing page.

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  1. Great Post.
    If there’s lot of traffic going to it re-iterates that dot com will stay for long, and not having the dot com will affect your business.
    And if Google decides to acquire this domain just to make sure the traffic stays with them, they are actually trusting dot com more, over a gTLD.

    • “If there is a lot of traffic going to”
      Guaranteed over 60% of the traffic is going to that name and it may be a malware site. 🙂
      When you have enough cash you apparently can afford the “bleed”.

  2. No one can afford a 61% bleed. Not even Google. Gtlds suck.

  3. Owner of the abcxyz domain had better put a for-sale sign on it, otherwise he may be sitting on it for a very long time. Would be interesting to find out if Google ever made an attempt to acquire the name though.

    We have a similar name in our marketplace, but in a .US extension.

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