Now that ParkingCrew is sold I am looking for a new domain parking company

Now that ParkingCrew is sold to CentralNic I am looking for a new domain parking company.

I am looking for a reputable parking company that offers both 1-click and 2-click landers.

I also need them to offer generic landers with multiple headlines.

I am not looking for sales landers that I am using for most of my domains. Just PPC landers. So please don’t suggest DAN, Efty and Afternic that I am already using for 95% of my domains.

I also need to have an option to receive payment both by wire transfer and by Paypal.

Please don’t suggest bad companies like Sedo or Uniregistry. I am long done with these people.

One of the services I am considering is Bodis. Let me know of any others.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. After all your filters, Voodoo.com should be your choice.

  2. Hi Konstantinos,

    I highly recommend our service. (not biased opinion). 😉

    We’re coming up with major updates come Namescon with a few awesome surprises. Will have my team reach out to you. See you at Namescon!


  3. “I am looking for a reputable parking company that offers both 1-click and 2-click landers.”

    Ha ha DREAM ON!! all of them steal our parking money, there is no transparency.

    Yes, I do VOODOO and so far I am happy with the $$$$ flowing in.

  4. Could you tel us, what is wrong with Parking Crew?

  5. Dear friend, you must explain the reason, what is wrong with Parking Crew or CentralNic? Currently we are using Parking Crew. If anything that you know and we dont, you must tell us. So we can find another parking company too.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Search my blog for centralnic and you will see what they did to their customers with the 2-letter .com domains they were selling sub-domains.

      • LOL! Now, this is how you hustle a hustler!

        Besides the news of the millionaire kid who lost his $1.4 million Chinese game character and had to settle it over the court, this centralnic hustle will give me a hilarious topic to discuss with colleagues tomorrow morning over a cup of coffee.


  6. well voodoo.com was parked.com before huge problems with google ad-feed they lost the ad feed.

    and Bodis allot of click fraud with chinese. and so on.

    stay away from these.

  7. I would say Uni, but it seems they quit innovating, and are just trying to squeeze profit out of customers now anyway they can. Their landing page conversions have gone way downhill also.

  8. As far as I know parking crew is about the strongest, so it will likely cost money to move.

  9. Voodoo.com is currently the best, Epik.com has a system of rotation paking domains and I have more than 50 domains (com) on Voodoo.com.

    Also Landing pages with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Pinterest Ads, YouTube Ads you get very high conversions and you make money using our domains I have tried landing pages with CTA button on these 5 social media platforms I work with products and services of advertisers and charging a fixed amount per monthly ad and commission for sales made is the best right now.

  10. I’d say BODIS and VOODOO.com, both Matt and Donny are nice guys.
    Good customer support in both cases.

  11. I was with bodis.com for years but no revenue. After reading your reviews, I am transferring my 40 parking domains to voodoo.com now, will give a testing to see!

  12. for a twist you can try squadhelp, they design a logo and advertise your domain for you. good luck.

  13. Jennifer Remington

    I have made over 70k lifetime in domain parking revenue mostly in the last 8-9 years or so, and after reading this post I felt very compelled to chime in on this conversation with my $0.02.
    I think Parkingcrew right now is the best domain parking company overall to monetize parked domains. Having said that, I have made most of my lifetime revenue parking with Bodis.com. Always before though I would of said definatively Bodis was the best parking company for honesty, payouts, etc. but something terrible has seemingly happened to Bodis in the last year or so from a revenue and business model perspective. Our revenue from parking with Bodis has all but collapsed recently, and now there seems to be a huge shift in Bodis’s business model to where they have obviously decided to bite the hand that feeds them hard in order to become more profitable. Zero pay clicks, Low to no pay clicks, delayed time for domain adds (during this time you are losing all of your traffic) and most importantly 80-90% of domains now go COmpletely unmonetized. All of this amounts to a catastrophic loss to domainers if you are thinking of parking for revenue. Not the wisest business strategy in my opinion, especially for a small time parking companies who in most cases were developed off of the backs and the traffic of just a handful of hard working, dedicated, domainers her were very loyal to them over the years, but I guess everyone thinks differently from a business perspective. I understand these are hard times, but what I am seeing from bodis and most domain registries with there inflated prices now currently does not make any sense at all, lettle lone dollars $$. Honestly its my opinion that the domain industry in general is being torn apart by greed everywhere you look now a days from Icann to the registrars, to the parkingcompanies it seems everyone is trying desperately to cash in thinking soon it will be game over for the industry and I do happen to agree. I dont think it is written in stone, but if everyone continues to pursue this current business model of greed, get all you can get now — and screw the customer, then for sure I think the industry is done and on its way to collapsing. Unless you were one of the lucky early domainers to get in on the premium domain action maybe from 20-25yrs ago, it seems all but impossible to make money in the domain game now. The handful of resources within the domain industry are now just like all other sectors of big business — controlled by only a few big players and none of them seem to be interested in sharing or being fair with their customers in any way, shape or form. Its become a 100% cut throat business, and the poor domainers have been milked to death by auction companies like dropcatch, and registries constantly hiking their prices to where in some cases crooked registries are charging 300-400% more than the industry norm for domain registrations now and all without explanation, just in attempt to take advantage of people because they feel they can get away with it assuming the end is near. Combine all of this with the constant scheduled greedy Icann price hikes, and the cut throat business models we are now seeing from the parking companies with low pay/zero pay clicks and auction houses using bots to drive up auction prices and I honestly dont see any way for domainers to make a living in this business anymore. My advice to anyone new in the business is to focus on development and instead of parking domains learn to develop your better domains into actual websites, and drop the unmonetizable excess names. Also be very careful of dealing with the parking companies. I feel it is fair to say you can no longer make a profitable living from domaining unless you are the 1% now. What do you guys think? I would really enjoy hearing other peoples perspectives on this.

  14. I have domains in Parkingcrew, but now in the post-pandemic make many people buy more from home, to make money landing page one product page dropshipping, the domain is optimized, more conversions, traffic next year will be the best

  15. I currently use bodis I do about 15,000 a month. I turned off the parkingcrew after the sale. Is anyone testing boodis and parkingcrew over above? What’s better?

  16. Update: in light of recent events I have to change my opinion (see above) about Bodis.
    Jennifer Remington is totally right about them, that’s exactly what happened in the last 12 months.
    Avoid them, they have become greedy, service quality, including traffic stats, is downhill and zero transparency on revenue sharing.
    Voodoo.com is MIA, they have stopped paying several months ago, in 2021.

  17. You guys know much more about domaining than I do, so I’d like your opinion: I see that ParkingCrew is fairly highly recommended in these threads. However, I also came across them in the context of this article, by a real pro in the world of cybersecurity (Brian Krebs):https://krebsonsecurity.com/2017/10/dell-lost-control-of-key-customer-support-domain-for-a-month-in-2017/#comments
    Are you at all concerned about the ParkingCrew connection to TeamInternet.com and what Krebs described? Thanks for your opinion!

  18. can anyone compare bodis vs parkingcrew? we have a big drop in bodis

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