Sedo updates domain parking terms to cover its ass

Sedo is updating its Domain Parking Terms & Conditions and the revised terms will go into effect November 1, 2016. You can preview the updated agreements here: Domain Parking Terms & Conditions. You can see the old terms here.

Here is a quick summary of what is changing:

Sedo’s Domain Parking Terms & Conditions have been updated “to provide easier reading for Users and to clarify important service terms”, such as:

  • Generation of Click Balance and Payment
  • Right to Terminate Service and Effect of Termination
  • Advertising Keywords

Sedo’s revised Domain Parking Terms & Conditions apply to all Sedo Users participating in Sedo’s Domain Parking Service. Continued use of Sedo’s Domain Parking Service on or after November 1, 2016, means that you accept the revised version of Sedo’s Domain Parking Terms & Conditions and those service-specific terms that apply to you.

Sedo is practically covering its ass by adding this clause in the “Advertising Keywords” section:

“You acknowledge that the content on parked Domains is generated automatically. Sedo makes no warranties as to the appropriateness, validity and non-infringement of such content. Sedo makes no warranties that such content when displayed on your Domain will not violate any applicable laws. You have the ability to discontinue the Domain Parking Service for any Domain and as such may choose to do so at your sole discretion. The entire risk arising out of the use of the Domain Parking Service remains with You, and You will indemnify Sedo from any claims arising in relation to your use of the Domain Parking Service.”

Meaning that the parking ads are generated automatically and if something infringing comes up it is all your fault and you can’t blame Sedo even if they are the ones that made the mistake.

They also changed the “Right to Terminate Service and Effect of Termination” section:
“Sedo reserves the right to terminate or discontinue provisions of the Domain Parking Service at any time, without reason and without prior notice to the User. Upon termination, you will no longer have access to any data or information you had previously created, maintained, managed, or stored in Sedo’s systems. Sedo is under no obligation to maintain any such data or information unless required by law.”

This means that Sedo can terminate your account for whatever reason and close your account but they will also delete any data and information you may need from that account. So if you have a dispute with Sedo you will no longer have access to any evidence.

So the point is that Sedo has covered its ass. And you must not expect any help from Sedo in case of a UDRP or a domain name related dispute in courts. You are not getting any.


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  1. Valuable domains should not be parked with PPC advertising keywords. Too many good domains have been lost via UDRP because of Domain Parking services.

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