Sedo’s legal liability – Sedo’s control panel parking optimization bug

Sedo has a bug at it’s control panel. Specifically the bug is at domain management and the parking optimization section. It is not possible to make bulk changes in the domain layouts and bulk changes in the page elements of the domain names. The page elements are used for turning on or off the “related links”, the “web search” and the “pop-unders”. When you try to edit these in bulk the system appears to be starting to make the bulk the update but instead does nothing.

This is very important in order to achieve higher CTR and especially avoiding any trademark problems that might arise from displaying the wrong links in e.g. the “related links”. I use the “webarchive” keyword that produces a generic lander in order to avoid any possible trademark conflicts that might arise with the most generic domain name. If a PPC ad appears at your domain and the term of the domain is not used in the ad in the descriptive sense then you can be in trouble. I lost a domain at UDRP because of such links/ads. The domain was parked at Sedo and displaying the wrong “related links”. Since then I only use “webarchive” for most of my domains that can have other uses except for the descriptive usage. But I can’t have the “related links” and the “pop unders” appearing because these are not controlled by me and don’t want to have the “web search” because that is frequently exploited by Complainants in order to prove bad faith usage.

I don’t have many domains left at Sedo (less than 40%) because of the Go Daddy problem but I still want to be protected until I move almost 95% of my domains away from Sedo as planned.

I first pointed out the bug at Sedo on the 9th of November by emailing my contact at Sedo and explaining the problem. On the 20th I was told by Sedo:

The problem has been fixed and should be made live on our system this week.


On the 28th of November I was told by Sedo:

I am sorry that this bug has taken a lot longer to fix than was originally expected. I have just heard from the parking team that the fix is in the final stages and should go live this week.

Today is the 10th of December and of course nothing has been fixed. One month later and I still can’t make bulk changes. This shows a total disregard towards customers. Sedo is so unreliable that it is almost funny. This only reinforces my decision to leave Sedo and move all my domains to Internet Traffic and the Domain Name Sales team.


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