The European Domain Centre Presents 50+ Businesses That Dumped Their .Com For A New Top Level Domain

newgtldChristopher Hofman Laursen and the European Domain Centre published a list of 50+ businesses that dumped their .com (or some other gTLD or a ccTLD) for a new top level domain.

They hand picked 50+ cool examples of businesses, which changed their web address from one of the classic domain extensions (e.g. .com, .net, etc.) to one of the brand new TLDs.

You will meet the veterinarians who turned in their tongue twisting 27 characters .org domain for a six letters .vet, which even your will remember .

The real estate agent who ditched a 20 characters .com including a hyphen (-).

And the pop sensation, who converted from a .com to an IDN new domain name 100% in Chinese.

See the complete list of all 51 websites here.


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  1. very cool .. thanks for sharing

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