GoDaddy Opens European Customer Care Centre

godaddyGoDaddy announced it has opened a new customer care centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The new centre will provide localised customer care to the company’s EMEA customer base.

“At GoDaddy, we truly believe we can delight our growing customer base and that the ideal formula revolves around impeccable service”

The European customer care center has been operating for a few months now. I don’t know why the announcement was made so late. I know because Greek is one of the supported languages. I hope the Greek spoken at the customer support are better than the website Greek translation which is hideous. If I didn’t know what Go Daddy is about I would never understand that it is selling domain names. “Domain name” is translated as “name of sector” or “sector” in Greek.

Belfast was chosen as the location for the centre due to the availability of highly-skilled customer care talent with diverse linguistic skills. Partnering with Concentrix, a worldwide leader in customer care, GoDaddy offers localised product and customer care in 23 European markets in 16 languages.

This combination of localised products and customer care with multilingual customer care aims to increase the levels of service offered to GoDaddy’s new and existing customers around the world. Through the customer care centre, GoDaddy offers a range of products and services to help small businesses run, manage and confidently grow their businesses.

“At GoDaddy, we truly believe we can delight our growing customer base and that the ideal formula revolves around impeccable service,” said GoDaddy Vice President Europe Middle East & Africa Stefano Maruzzi. “Although millions of customers are using digital technology every day, explaining what GoDaddy’s services can offer customers, and how they can best be leveraged to extract more value, means users will become more productive and create new business opportunities. We learn on a daily basis, then we give this knowledge back to our customers in various forms.”

“We are excited to partner with GoDaddy, an iconic technology brand known for its focus on customer care,” said Concentrix SVP Client Engagement Strategy & Marketing Jyllene Miller. “As we spent time with the GoDaddy team, it became clear that our two cultures and vision on how to provide customer care were perfectly aligned, creating a partnership that will help small businesses across Europe.”

Customer care is at the very heart of GoDaddy’s business. As well as being able to talk to GoDaddy in their local language, customers will also now be able to call local market phone numbers, making it even easier to engage with the GoDaddy team on hand to assist them. In the UK, dialing 020 7084 1810 will connect to specialists able to assist 24/7, providing a level of customer care that goes beyond simple problem solving.


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