Donuts Has Started Releasing 1.369 Million Reserved Collision Domain Names

donutsBeginning last week, Donuts Inc., started releasing for registration 1.369 million previously reserved domain names. The domains were initially reserved because of collisions. The company is making these names available in batches each week between June and September. This Wednesday the first batch of domain names enters general availability: .PHOTOGRAPHY, .CAMERA,  .PHOTOS, .GALLERY, .GRAPHICS, .MEDIA, .PICTURES, .PRODUCTIONS, .DIGITAL.

The domain names released include some of the best domain names for each extension. These include tens of 1 letter and 1 number domain names that will be offered in a premium price.

Those interested in these domain names can secure them through accredited domain name registrars.  These names include just over 1.2 million terms (in 144 gTLDs) that were previously withheld to address the potential for “name collision,” or the possible leakage of Internet traffic from a closed private network onto the broader domain name system (or DNS), an issue no longer of concern. On September 9, Donuts also will release thousands of two-character combinations across all its gTLDs.

Just last week, new gTLD registrations topped the six million mark. And on Tuesday, Lionsgate, the U.S. film studio, began promotion of its latest feature in The Hunger Games franchise by directing viewers to TheHungerGames.MOVIE.

“This is an opportunity to secure some very strong domain names,” said Donuts co-founder and CEO Paul Stahura.  “Over the past several months we’ve had thousands of inquiries about these names, many of which we’re offering at standard pricing.  These are terms that already enjoy a high rate of lookup traffic and have great potential for appreciation.”

These are the domain names being released according to Donuts:

  • include highly intuitive, specific or usable terms, like Airport.LIMO, Digital.CAMERA and A1.DEALS;
  • along with other unregistered Donuts domains, receive billions of traffic lookups per month;
  • are available at low, standard prices (less than two percent are premium priced); and
  • will be offered via Donuts’ Early Access Program (EAP) for the first seven days of availability of each batch.

Launch Dates and Categories

Launch Date Category  Top-level domains
June 10, 2015 Photography .PHOTOGRAPHY, .CAMERA, .PHOTOS,
June 24, 2015 Generic and Fun .COOL, .WTF, .ZONE, .GUIDE, .PLACE, .FAIL,
July 1, 2015 Technology .COMPUTER, .EMAIL, .CODES, .SYSTEMS,
July 8, 2015 Education .EDUCATION, .ACADEMY, .UNIVERSITY, .TIPS,
July 15, 2015 Food and Goods .RESTAURANT, .PIZZA, .COFFEE, .RECIPES,
July 22, 2015 Shopping .DIRECT, .CHEAP, .DEALS, .TIENDA, .GIFTS,
July 29, 2015 Property .CONDOS, .HOUSE, .ESTATE, .LAND, .VILLAS,
August 5, 2015 Building .SUPPLY, .SUPPLIES, .CONTRACTORS,
August 12, 2015 Services .CAB, .LIMO, .PLUMBING, .LIGHTING,
August 19, 2015 Healthcare .HEALTHCARE, .FITNESS, .VISION, .CARE,
August 26, 2015 Financial .CAPITAL, .EXCHANGE, .FINANCIAL,
September 2, 2015 Travel .VACATIONS, .VIAJES, .REISEN, .VOYAGE,
September 9, 2015 Two characters

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