Donuts Domain Name Collision Releases Are Over – I Bought A Few – What Did You Get?

donutsThis summer, Donuts released for registration 1.369 million previously reserved domain names in 144 gTLDs. The domains were initially reserved because of collisions.

The company made these names available in batches each week between June and September. The domains were released using the Early Access Period (EAP) where registrants pay an extra fee to purchase, followed by general availability.

The domain names released include some of the best domain names for each extension. These include tens of 1 letter and 1 number domain names that were offered in a premium price. Also these domains include more than 200,000 two character domain names. (LL ,LN, NL, NN)

I noticed that some of the prices for niche New TLDs were more expensive this time around and also noticed that 1 letter and 1 number and also more expensive than the prices Donuts had in the first half of 2014. A lot of the domains released were priced as premium. But that is understandable as some of the best names of each TLD were in the collision list. (together with a lot of junk domains)

I bought a few domains myself (about 130). Here is a list of some of the domains I bought. These are not necessarily my best domain names:

Did you buy any domain names from collisions and what?


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I hope you were lucky enough to also have acquired the matching .com’s.

  2. I am curious what budget you spent for those 130 collision released gees.

  3. Damn you got some really good ones in there! Happy.Place as silly as it may sound could fetch some money to the right blogger or such….I certainly wouldn’t kick Internet.Expert out of bed either good hunting!

  4. Why and not online.domain 🙂

  5. I only grabbed a few due to the competition:


  6. I grabbed Guess where that’s forwarding to…

  7. I like followings konsta for sure they fetch you good money ( audio video media ) ( common sense media ) ( public relation media )

    I got followings ( Virtual Private Network ) ( Free Credit Report Online) & ( Education Network ) ( Kuala Lumpur City ) & ( Singles Day 11-11)
    Ads.Exchange & ( Payment Gateway / Pay Day Loans )

    & many more visit

  8. Some nice names Konstantinos. I saw your name a couple times in some whois checks.

    I grabbed a couple LLs and NNs too-



  9. Hello Kosta,
    You bought some nice names as usual.
    I got

  10. Write a post how much you paid for them it will be a good read.

  11. Some of those are good.. best I heard were:

    .. keep the good ones .. eject the mistakes and keep moving forward.

  12. nice names Konstantinos.
    i like,, pr &,, .. they are all very good.
    I also like Subhash’s & Pay.Cash (really like )
    Im curious to know any collision released name carrying lots of traffic ?
    i got a few too, feedback welcome.
    i think certain other words were released too, as I managed to get the one i always wanted, ( it’s in relation to my first computer ever, long long time ago, it was called trs-tandy color computer or coco [1,2 and 3] )
    thanks for sharing.

  13. Nice one –

    I got:


  14. wow .. really nice names here .. most I like the .. congrats coco

    I really wish and see that I would like to have the experience of K to buy names.

    me and my brother (the royal brothers) spend about 5k.
    most names are for standard renewal or low premiums.

    we only bought names that we personal like, with a good search volume and never before of eap5.
    here are the names which I like the most: (this one is expensive. dont know really what to do with it right now) (already bought a year ago)

    we bought as well some german domains like & and a few more.

    and some nerd collector stuff:

    we are done, happy and out of race right now.
    maybe back again for dot music, art, web, shop or hotels.

    • hmm…. big list royals almost all nice ones but as per my knowledge favorites are

      • thanks V
        and fully agree with ur favs .. think as well that those are the best from my list.

        I would like to ask u which names u would drop from my list ?

      • Hi Royal, thanks!
        what you mean out of the race ? you have fantastic names. I would also have trouble deciding which one to drop from your list. I like,,, ..
        you have and, maybe we could some development together with and … here’s my technical question to you and all, please,
        is it possible to delegate the main domain to parking (say, DNS ) and delegate the subdomain to hosting, resulting in having the main domain parked but the sub-domain up and running ? the subdomain would have to follow the same tos the main domain is under naturally, for example
        main domain: in DNS’ parking server;
        subdomain: Hotel.and.Flights delegated to hosting.
        im thinking, the subdomain could drive nice traffic to the main domain.
        given many of us might have too many ngtlds, it would make sense to group in categories and perhaps mirror one category from multiple’s portfolio holders and have a dns approved subdomain made portal …?!
        does that make any sense ?
        is that even doable ? A record zoning works ?
        if not to have traffic, at least the process of deciding which mistakes to drop, would be less painful and better decided if we hold categories together ?
        equally to a portal under a category CNAMed across multiple holders, would allow fast contributed dev.

      • I always look from end user and see how best we can sell the domains on demand in the domain market place and as per my strategy

        100% drop : without second thought

        50% drop : depends on your decision

        No idea for the followings

      • you are most welcome royals
        how about following domains which I registered today


      • is brilliant. like it !! was it a drop ? for sure there is a buyer somewhere, just needs a bit time to sell. I would buy this one instant too.

        not sure about the other two names. I would not buy because I dont know the market for this names. dont know how to develop (no content idea). dont has any interest (traffic)

        btw .. I remember that u got a swiss.tld
        stay cool with that one. I already sold 2 swiss.tld

    • I like: (this one is expensive. dont know really what to do with it right now)

      I would drop:

      and maybe a few others. There are various factors including the renewal price.

    • Thanks all ! very appreciate ur help here.
      looks like I have to drop the cupcake asap! no cupcake cook in here ? 🙂

      I give a “yes” for ur question. but I think it generates no income when u park the “”. I think new gTLD needs content to get ranked and traffic.
      “out of race” : just with buying domains. I am fully happy with my current portfolio.

      btw .. I like ur “” idea. that page sounds nice.

  15. Thank you royals and dont know about drop please visit followings may be you change your mind because I was on hold registering after registering & at last registered it

    Yeah thats right I got and congrats on sale

  16. Hello,

    I got following newGTLDs. Can I have valuable comments / suggestions if any, from all ? Thank you.

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