Minds+Machines Wants $75,000 For Get.fit, Active.fit, Workout.fit & LosAngeles.fit

MindsAndMachinesThe .Fit New gTLD is launching today. I received an email from Minds + Machines, the registry that owns the new extension, announcing the launch and I was curious to see how much the domain names mentioned in the email were being sold for.

That is despite losing any interest in the extension after the first image of the email message:

get.fitThat is because I thought that the get.fit domain name, the only .fit that would interest me, would be reserved by the registry and would be in fact the domain name that would be promoting the .fit extension. But I was wrong.

I checked and the domain name get.fit is available of the registration and renewal fee of just $75,000 per year at 101domain.com. Is this the way of M+M telling us that these domains are not for sale? BTW get.fit is not registered and of course does not resolve.

I also checked the other 3 .fit domain names mentioned in the email:

“All fitness enthusiasts who are interested in geographic and generic fit domain names such as active.fit, workout.fit and losangeles.fit.”

Guess what? All 3 domains cost $75,000 per year.

I then went ahead and checked the price of a domain name representing what Minds+Machines is not: Brain.fit.

Boom! Only $1,500 per year.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Only $75000 a year. WOW

  2. bought beauty.fit
    the combo sounds nice in my ears

  3. What an interesting, yet not very appealing, way of distribution domain names.

    On a side note, I managed to pick up a great domain for a personal blog of mine: parttime.fit. It describes exactly my approach to fitness: as a hobby and something I do part time. So happy!

  4. Antony Van Couvering

    That’s a mistake on the part of the registrar you’re dealing with. The names you mention are on the reserve list — if anyone wants one of them and wants to make a deal, just get in touch.

    Antony Van Couvering – http://www.mindsandmachines.com

    • You have not learned from .beer, .rodeo days still, same nonsense happening, and since you are the leader, I guess you are looking very useless in the way you operate, or can’t even operate a company.

      Is this the company who said .com is dead, well only thing dead is your leadership, and marketing plan, and you don’t even have a comeback as you are a year into this now.

      Step down, and buy a subway franchise or something.

  5. Minds + Machines has no intention of selling get.fit as we earmarked it for promotions a while ago, along with get.allourotherfabulousTLDs. Besides which, get.fit is the best get.anything. Just to be clear, we have not issued any pricing on this domain, so we have no idea how 101domain priced this as we’ve had no conversations with them about it. Shame it’s not for sale at this time. BTW – *if* it were for sale at $75k, the renewal would not be any more than $5k per year. Any enquiries about our tier 8 premium domains should be directed to sales@mindsandmachines.com.
    Yay for BEAUTY.FIT Royal Domains! Thanks for this post Konstantinos, good to be able to clear up the myths.

  6. M&M your whole system is flawed, and you are only dooming yourself, I will not even touch a M&M release as I know it will be a mess. Others feel the same way, why waste my time, paying you ignorant renewals on a dime a dozen domain extension. There is nothing unique about GTLD’s.

    I saw guys on this blog last year trying to push .xyz at namejet, paying thousands in auctions, and now they are dropping their domains,Now they can’t get rid of them quick enough before renewals. People are attempting to sell premium domains without exposing the $5xx plus renewals.

    I like .link has priced under .com, that is the only way any of you will get any traction.

  7. Seems these people don’t even know what the other is saying.

  8. From what i understand it’s the registrar 101domain which is for some reason putting those prices up for domains which are reserved by the registry. So it’s possible 101domain is betting that if some one does take the bait they’ll just contact the registry for an “internal” price. Wonder if more registrars are doing the same.

    • No I think that would violate service agreements. Corporations really do agreements with a clause to protect reputation. I am thinking this is either a marketing ploy to get us all talking, a bet that some loser is going to bite, or simply customer development. The registry and the register are both involved.

      • Hi Guys,

        We are trying to accommodate all the registries, including their premium domains. Every registry has their own policy and working with all of them has been very challenging.

        So what we are trying to do is, where a registry has a “call for price” program, on those search responses, we display a phone number and an email where potential premium buyers can inquire (and then we inquire on their behalf to the registry).

        No doubt that we have made some mistakes in how we present this but it’s not meant to be any kind of “bait”. It’s just a sincere attempt to accommodate both the registries’ policies and our client’s desires to get information on any premium domain.

      • Thanks Joe.
        What about these $75K prices?

  9. Let us see what happens guys. Obviously mistakes happen, and we might see some clearing up soon. It seems to me that no one even really knows what the mistake is..

  10. Just bought iGet.Fit for $32+AUD…..save $75000…….

    • Bought Tight.fit Can’t tell me that name doesn’t ring dollar bells for a “video” site. Can .fit extensions be used now ? Or what date? Anyone want to buy it

      • Why do you think anyone would want to buy it? Why aren’t you keeping it yourself?

      • Well if get.fit and health.fit are good names for sports/excercise industry the. Tight.fit is perfect for porn industry

      • How about followings still available

        Tit.Fit – 750$
        Tits.Fit – 375$
        Boob.Fit – 75$

        I got followings @GA

        – w3.design
        – xyz.design
        – direct.design
        – coin.poker

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