Domaining Europe In Valencia, Spain – Day 2 (recap and photos)

domaining-europe2015Domaining Europe 2015 continued on Friday 24th of April in Valencia, Spain and the Sorolla Palace Hotel.

The 7th European Conference was the biggest European Domaining Conference with over 20 International Speakers and over 120 participants from 20 countries, a 33% increase from last year.

The atmosphere was again very relaxed and everybody was enjoying the sessions, endless Spanish food, beer, wine and Valencian weather. And of course Dietmar Stefitz was a first class host.

Here is a recap and photos from day 2:

.CLUB celebrates the first Birthday

Jeff Sass, CMO of .Club, gave us the latest details and explained why .club domains are so popular and reached the highest prices in New gTLD sales. (More from this very interesting presentation will be posted later today.)


Use registration trends to find great domains
Duane Bailey from Verisign presented 2 of Verisign’s more useful tools for domainers: DomainScope and DomainView. Anyone that hasn’t used these tools is missing out.20150424_125610b
Freedom of Choice
Amy Repp from Donuts presented the latest news and ad campaigns from the biggest registry in New gTLDs.
Tools for Domainer and how to optimize your sales!
Presented by Antonio Villamarin

Stolen Domains – How to avoid your Domain being stolen

Paul Raynor Keating, Esq. and Jason Schaeffer talked about:
Sales – easy protections for sellers/buyers
Leasing – Tricks & traps:  Why you should care what the lessor does with your domain
How to Develop a business starting from your Domain with Adam Dicker
Presentation of a Video from Annalisa Roger of .green
A new Club is born presented by Dietmar Stefitz:
News on the Development side for Domains: Is mass development the solution
With Tommy ButlerNatasa Djukanovic – Braden Pollock – Ignacio Perez
Moderated by Michele Neylon


Startups and Domains by Carlos Blanco

Direct Marketing of Domains
Nuno Soares explains how to sell your Domains via email!20150424_193519b
The Chinese market and liquid domain names presented by Giuseppe Graziano
20150424_194514b 20150424_194540b
2015 European Domainer of the Year Awards
20150424_201740b 20150424_201801b 20150424_201958b 20150424_201844b 20150424_202433b

Here is a recap and photos from day 1. The conference continued in Saturday with a tour around Valencia.


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  1. Looks like a neat little event. Though 120 attendees seems a bit small. I’m hoping this event gains some more traction and grows, at least for more local investors of that region to participate if nothing else. Congrats to everyone that got an award 😉

    • It is growing. I think it will be at about 150 or more next year.
      There were very few people coming from the US. It should have been more.

      There were very few people that were both at Namescon AND Domaining Europe.
      That has to change.

  2. “Direct Marketing of Domains” – it’s interesting. Was it explained based on experience or in theory?

  3. Hi, I ‘m the fat guy with a beard and winner of the year in the field of Spain (I think I do not deserve ) Domainers in spain . domainers in Spain I have to say there are a few more of those who come to these events and I also hope that next year we will be many more , I am sure that if . Dietmar does a great job

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