Go Daddy Is NOT Selling Any Expired (or not) New gTLD Domains

godaddyThe New gTLD program started over a year ago and New gTLD domains have been expiring and then dropping for about 2 months now. But one thing remains the same. New gTLDs are yet not fully supported by registrars.

Go Daddy Auctions is not accepting any New gTLD domains for sale or auction. And of course it is not auctioning any of the thousands of expired New gTLD domains on its platform.

I tried to add a couple of domains for sale and Go Daddy is not accepting them. godaddy02

I then tried to backorder a few domains at Go Daddy and got this message: “These domain extensions may not be monitored or backordered. Remove these domains from the list on the left.”


I don’t understand how Go Daddy can participate in the Sunrise, Landrush and especially the EAP and pre-ordering of New gTLDs but doesn’t support backorders.

I talked with Paul Nicks, GoDaddy Director of Product Development – Aftermarket, at NamesCon and he told that Go Daddy will not be supporting New gTLD until at least June. I understand that it might be difficult to implement because of the New gTLD variable pricing but if Go Daddy, the world’s largest registrar, can’t do it then who can?

Not sure what Donuts has to say about Go Daddy’s the lack of New gTLD support that surely contributes to the low renewal rate (<65%) that was announced today. If you take out free domains and registry owned domain names, Go Daddy must have a higher than 30% New gTLD market share.

And of course I don’t know what the Go Daddy shareholders are saying about the lost New gTLD domain name revenue.


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  1. godaddy supports .XYZ and .club extensions

  2. Note I was able to register but unable to list for sale some .Com.co (CCTLD for Colombia) names at Godaddy Auctions.

  3. You can list your names at Afternic today and as soon as we have GoDaddy up and running for these, the Afternic listings will automatically come over.


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