Archeo 2014 Q4 Report: $1.7 Million Sales (2-word .coms are most popular)

archeoArcheo published its latest report that:

  • shares fourth quarter sales highlights
  • showcases domain data around our sales
  • explores the emerging Spanish market on the internet
  • displays a selection of our Spanish domains

The Q3 Newsletter focused on the ways a premium domain can boost your business’s sales. In this edition Archeo will explore how a Spanish language premium domain can be key in expanding your business’ reach and establishing credibility with the ever-growing Spanish market.

Here is the Archeo Domains Q4 and 2014 sales summary:



Big Growth Ahead for Spanish Language Countries

= Big Investment Opportunity for Spanish Language Domains

The Spanish language is becoming more popular globally through conversation and as a language used online. There are more than 495 million worldwide Spanish speakers today, 220 million are on the internet (

Of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries in the world, Mexico is at the top of the list with a population of 117 million, followed by Spain, Colombia, Argentina and the United States. Though all these countries are inhabited by Spanish speakers, they are not all online. The graph below illustrates the gap between the total population of each country and the percentage of that population that has access to the internet. Remarkably, only about 50 million (roughly 43%) of Mexico?s 117 million people have access to the internet.  This shows just how tremendous the opportunity for growth in Mexico?s online population really is.

Mexico is not the only country poised for exceptional growth. According to PEW Research, Spanish is one of the fastest-growing languages in the US with an expected 24% of the population to be Hispanic by 2050. Unlike Mexico, a healthy representation (84% of the population) of people who speak Spanish in the US are on the internet. This is partially why Spanish-language content increased by more than 800% in the last 10 years, and is still growing.

Archeo’s Spanish-Language Domain Names
The Archeo portfolio includes over 1,000 premium Spanish-language domain names. Many are keyword or search-phrase domain names such as (weddings and brides) or (Mexican banks) while others are brandable 1 and 2-word names such as (to find or to meet). A premium Spanish domain name can be a useful tool for any business looking to market their product globally, attract more traffic, or create a Spanish ?mirror website? to their English-language website.  Many new websites are even bilingual, providing both English and Spanish words within the website.

Forward Looking
One thing is for sure; Spanish domain names will only become more popular and valuable as the language continues to permeate the web.  The future is bright for Spanish speakers and businesses that support them. Archeo is proud to have a broad selection of premium Spanish domain names that can enhance traffic acquisition efforts and growth to Spanish-focused businesses. Additionally, Spanish domain names are a good investment opportunity because their value will only increase as the Spanish economies, populations and online users continue to grow.

For more information, check out our infographic about the growth of the Spanish language on the internet.


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  1. I don’t really see anything special about or

    Would you invest in What bank or financial institution would want to buy that and why?

    Note we have hundreds of Spanish domains most priced under $1500 with the median price under $500.

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