My Domain Name Purchases In 2014 (Part 2)

gtlds I am posting some of the domain name purchases I made in 2014. Most were bought at dropped or expired domain name auctions. Some were bought in private transactions.

All domains listed here are .com except for one .org. I have not listed any of my New gTLD or .gr domain name purchases here. I will post separate articles for these.

Of course this is not the complete list of acquired domain names. If you missed the first part of my 2014 domain name purchases you can find it here.

Please find below 20+ of the domain names I bought in the second part of 2014: – $1,800 If you have been to London then you must know Heathrow.
???????????.com – $???? Mystery Domain Name Coming Soon! – $805 I really like this one. I have an idea on how to develop it. – $300 Read about how I bought this from the 3M Company here. – $300 Read about how I bought this from the 3M Company here. – Because we don’t want any missing colors… – These go for a lot of money at auctions. Yes, there are other auctions except for domain names. – I don’t have a lot of “about” domains but this was nice. – Some people don’t want their hosting to be local. – All agencies want to represent a few all stars… – Who doesn’t? (I just love when Mark posts adult domains like this…) – “Club” is hot right now. – To go with my – Women like it. I had a pedicure once and my feet hurt for 3-4 days. – Movies is one of my 4-5 hobbies. – $60,000 New gTLD renewals anyone? – Goes well with – Cloud domains are pretty popular. – It goes well with my – Everybody has to upgrade sooner or later. – I am trying to learn about photography but I need more time. – I know a lot of lawyers. Maybe I can link to them.

What do you think?

If you missed the first part of my 2014 domain name purchases you can find it here.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I clicked on ???????????.com but it took me to Negari’s home page.

  2.—so who is coming over?

  3. There are some nice ones in there.

    I’m curious… how many inquiries do you get everyday and how many do you sell per week?

    • I get maybe 15-20 inquiries depending on the day. But I don’t sell a lot.
      Maybe 5 per month but I don’t sell cheap.

      • Hey man, Great post! Always interesting to read. How you been after conference ? How is your office going?

        I am curious about thought process when you get that many inquiries but yet just a a few sales.
        When you look at the the offer, what goes through your mind? How do you know its something to pursue or dont even bother?
        It seems that for 100 offers you get, you only sell 1 or so. Do you have a set number in you mind? and how do you calculate that number?

      • Hi Art! How are you doing? How is your new gtld project going?
        I have been crazy busy after namescon with a project I am running for a big basketball team here in Greece.
        My office… hhmmm. Actually the electrician is in today and is installing all the wiring. The big thing missing is the windows and the doors. (10k big)
        Other than that it could be ready in a couple of weeks.

        Most offers are sub-$1000, that I don’t even consider, so it’s pretty easy to start with.
        I do some searching to found out more details about the buyer so I don’t waste my time.
        Prices are based on comps and various other factors but also on my own subjective preferences.

        I actually sold 2 new gtlds this week after not selling any for a year. One for $2500 and one for almost $10000 (minus a 20% fee).

      • konsta do you mind to disclose that 10000$ domain just curious to know

      • It has not been paid yet so sorry but I can’t say yet.
        The one I sold for $2,500 is a .agency.

      • Ahh , great to hear things are moving. Soon time for office space! Who needs windows and a door :)) . More fresh air for you. Congrats on gtlds sales. Ahh , i see, so a lot of offers are junk and good onces require some research. My project on stand still kinda, as i actually had implemented another project in start up space, but i am hoping to get back to .nyc soon.

      • Yes, summer is coming so it would be nice without windows.
        I will just bring a laptop and a chair everyday to work!

        I also sold a .us $2k and a .info $4,5k so I guess everything is selling.

  4. I like and cause one time or another we all need that link

  5. is a great name. Good luck.

  6. has huge development potential.
    I like for dev as well. is a developed website. is also nice. A great word on dot org. should get you a nice return.

    All the best with your domains.

  7. K-once developed do you list them here? Also any thoughts on the .io extension that many startups are using-I know you have many .info Thank you

    • I am not sure what you mean. These are some of the most recent acquisitions.

      .IO is doing relatively good but it is a niche. I see a lot of 1-word .io domains sell at Flippa for high 3 or low 4 figures.
      Startups tend to go cheap domain-wise but latter on they tend to switch domains.
      I am not too crazy with it because it only means input-output and that is mostly a geek (like me) term.
      But some startups are using it as a hack.

      .IO domains won’t normally go for 5 figures.
      But money is money and if you can buy at $100 and sell at $2500 that is a huge profit.

  8. I like most of your names and great additions to your portfolio. My favorites are AllColor, Federations, FeetCare. Although I was in the auction for AllColor but for some reason I wasn’t able to bid higher at that time.

    Good luck with those names! 🙂

  9. I like these three the best
    in this order:

    I want to see some of the sites you’ve developed out.
    I won’t share the info…


  10. ILikeSex, AllColor & FeetCare congrats konsta

    I launched new domain sales portfolio website :

  11. K-I have a .com very close to your if you happen to get mote than one buyer please let me know and ill work on it with you-i know Micheal Birkens had also mentioned he had something similar .com-cant remember exactly but he wanted a lot of $ for it.

  12. I liked I expected some 4letter and 5letter domain purchases – surprised not to find any of them.

  13. I just bought a bitcoin domain for 1000 and its doing really well, about 100-150 UV a day, so I am happy.

  14. Nice list, thanks for sharing.

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