Domain Holdings 2014 Report: 31 Million In Domain Name Sales (,,

domain-holdingsDomain Holdings announced their combined Q4 and Annual 2014 report with their Q4 ending strong with $8,086,642 in total domain name sales and $30,958,879 in total for 2014. Over the last year the Domain Holdings represented a wealth of great domains including:

Some of the main highlights from Q4 include:

  • $622,049 Average Weekly Sales
  • $26,323 Average Domain Sales.
  • 72.38% of ALL Sales End Users **

** Does not include managed auction sales where the buyer was unknown.

Quarter over Quarter Sales

Domain Holdings ended the year with almost two $10 Million quarters and showed consistent growth every quarter in terms of units. Domain Holdings also ended the year with a much higher quality of exclusive inventory for sale including many owned by corporate clients never listed for sale before.


Average Domain Sale by Quarter

In Q2 Domain Holdings started reporting their Average Domain Sale by discounting the top 5 and bottom 5 sales.  As you can see by the chart below Domain Holdings had a very consistent average weekly sales range over the next 3 quarters.


Average Weekly Sales

In 2014 Domain Holdings managed to increased their average weekly sales by well over 100%. They started the year with $263,016 in average weekly sales in Q1 and ended with $622,049 in Q4. The quarters in between were closer to $800,000 per week.


Buyers by Country

The largest 2 markets for Domain Holdings continues to be USA and China. They have seen a continued strong interest in numeric and domains from the China market during Q4 but also a smaller supply at wholesale prices compared to what was available in Q2 and Q3. What is interesting is the China market interest has expanded greatly to premium .com’s using a wide set of criteria and huge industry end user sales like (reportedly sold to for $17,000,000 from Vodaphone) continue to drive heavy interest from the Chinese market.


What Domains Sell?

.Com’s are still the strongest segment of the domain name market and Domain Holdings really do not expect this number to change much any time soon. However, they do see more GTLD’s selling, premium .CO’s and strong country code domains. In Q4 their sales were comprised of:


Long tail domains or short domains? 77% of Domain Holdings sales in Q4 were 10 characters or less.


2014 Overall was an amazing year for Domain Holdings and they expect 2015 to be even bigger. So far this year Domain Holdings has secured many amazing names under exclusivity including, and the ultra exclusive

Domain Holdings predictions for 2015 include:

  • Greater investment from China for premium domains with a slow down in sales due to scare inventory. ( values are expected to increase, just the number of sales will be much lower due to a possible holding position by many current owners.)
  • Higher number of Private Premium Sales reported
  • Continued higher aftermarket sales for the New GTLD’s
  • Further tightening of quality standards for defining a premium domain name.
  • Higher values for premium one word .org’s

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