1st Year .College Registrations Are Free For Trademark Holders, Brands, .edu & .ac.uk Domain Registrants

CollegeThe XYZ registry announced the official launch schedule for the .College extension, which will enter its Sunrise phase on March 17.

Let’s hope that .College will be different than .XYZ because I actually like the .College extension. But don’t get ready to register any .College domains yet. General availability is set for the 29th of September 2015.

The XYZ registry has put into place a launch plan for .College, most notably:
  • First year’s .College registration is free for all trademark holders, brands, .edu and .ac.uk domain registrants
  • By this initiative, the registry protects brands and encourages active domain utilization
  • The Landrush registration phase lasts 5-months, which is exclusive for .edu and .ac.uk domain registrants to register an unlimited number of .College names
  • .College domains can be immediately activated and utilized by individuals, organizations, institutions, and businesses of all sizes

From the press release that was released today:

First year fees waived for universities and trademark holders

As an innovative leader in the internet industry, XYZ has announced that it will waive the application fee and first year’s registration fee for companies registered in the Trademark  Clearinghouse (TMCH), as well as applicants with a valid .edu or .ac.uk domain name. This initiative of offering the domains for free for the first year represents the registry’s  continuing commitment to protecting brands and encouraging utilization in its namespaces.

The .College domain is for businesses, institutions, communities, and individuals
.College is a platform for people and organizations of all types to come together for a  common purpose and a common future. It offers institutions, businesses, and the  communities around them an open namespace to share knowledge and drive innovation.

March 17 – April 17: Exclusive registration period for brands and trademark holders
The .College trademark-exclusive Sunrise phase begins on March 17 with one of the  largest retail distribution networks of approximately 200 accredited registrars. Brands and  trademark holders who have registered with the TMCH will have priority registration access to their marks on a first-come, first-served basis until April 17.

The Sunrise phase gives brands not only the rightful opportunity to claim their names, but also gain a firstmover’s advantage by leveraging .College domains to grow their  businesses. Brands will be able to immediately launch .College sites as platforms for recruitment, training and development, marketing, and branding.

April 20 – September 22: Open registration for US and UK-based institutions
Following the Sunrise, .College will enter a strategic five-month Landrush registration phase catered towards higher-education institutions. In the past, educational institutions  have faced several restrictions, such as being limited to just one .edu domain per  institution, despite being composed of a number of departments and colleges. In contrast,  .College will allow institutions with a valid .edu or .ac.uk domain name to register an unlimited number of available names on a first-come, first-served basis, such as  Boston.College, BostonSciences.College, BostonLibrary.College, or  BostonAthletics.College, to further its educational mission and serve its different departments.
Educational institutions without an existing .edu or .ac.uk domain may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

September 22 – September 28: Early Access Period for the General Public
Reflective of the fundamental meaning of the term “college”, .College is the new online platform to bring people and organizations together with a common purpose. As an unrestricted domain extension, .College can also be used by non-accredited institutions, campus organizations, support services, businesses of all sizes, and individuals. Examples include OnlineMathCourses.College, PiThetaBeta.College, StandardizedTestPrep.College, BostonTutoring.College, and ProfessorSmith.College.

The Early Access Period, gives these non-accredited institutions, businesses, and all other types of registrants, the opportunity to register .College domains of their choice at a premium price. Keyword domains and other highly desirable names can be acquired at this time.

During the EAP, premium pricing will decrease each day for the first five days.

September 29: Global General Availability launch
Following the Early Access Period, .College domains will launch into global General  Availability on September 29. Once in General Availability, all available names can be registered on a first-come, first-served basis by any business, organization, or individual without restrictions. The .College namespace will be carefully monitored for abuse to the same industry-leading standards as the registry operator’s first domain extension, .xyz.

Where to get your .College names

Brands, trademark holders, as well as .edu and .ac.uk registrants are advised to immediately contact their brand protection agencies or registrars about the opportunities, as well as implications, of the global launch of .College.
Educational institutions without an existing .edu or .ac.uk domain who seek to participate in the .College Landrush phase are encouraged to contact the XYZ registry for further information.
To learn more about the upcoming launch of .College, visit www.nic.college.

Shayan Rostam
Production Manager


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