Wix.com Kicked Go Daddy’s Ass At Super Bowl 2015

godaddyGo Daddy marketing plan exploded in its face in this years Super Bowl. And not because of the TV ad “outrage”, that many few people heard about and even fewer people watched the ad, but because of that very decision to pull the ad.

At first I thought that pulling the ad was some marketing ploy and that Go Daddy had a different ad that wanted to show during Super Bowl. I thought that this “outrage” targeted at the ad was the plan from the get go.

But after watching yesterday’s ad I understood that this wasn’t the case. Blake Irving said that the Super Bowl ad swap was not planned and I believe him too. (Andrew said he believes him). The new ad was written in a day and all it had was some footage of an extra and some voice over. Some people liked it but I don’t. It was badly produced and it shows. And nobody remembers it today except us domainers.

The original ad should have been shown. It was much better produced, people would remember it today, for good of bad reasons, and I actually thought it was funny. Some people don’t agree but not everybody agrees with everything.

What I saw is that Wix.com’s ad kicked Go Daddy’s ad ass. The ad was funny and to the point:

Go Daddy’s original ad (and the new one) was targeting small business owners, the same as Wix.com’s ad. This means that a Wix.com, Go Daddy’s competitor, blew Go Daddy off the map during Super Bowl.

Another ad I liked was the one with Jeff Bridges from Squarespace that featured the domain name DreamingWithJeff.com that was bought on the 24th of January 2015. Just 8 days before the Super Bowl. This shows how a domain name can effectively used in marketing.


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  1. Godaddy got tons of free press for the puppy ad before the Superbowl, one example was the story was covered on tv on Entertainment Tonight, and I’m sure a lot of other mainstream news outlets gave it some time. So the ad likely got exposed to millions, and cost to show the ad $0. But the Wix commercial was pretty good too.

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