The 13 Most Expensive & Developed New gTLD Domains Of 2014

newgtldThis is a list of the 13 most expensive New gTLD domain names that have been developed after being sold for more than $3,000 each.

The list does not include domains that are redirected but may include websites that migrated from a different domain name to a New gTLD.

For example that was sold for $14,000 redirects to And of course the list does not include domains that are parked with ads, domains under construction or domain investor websites such as NewYork.Estate that was sold for $9,000.

I had to dig deep into my New gTLD sold domains database. I searched the top 300 New gTLD sales of domains that were sold for $3,000 and more. The list includes domains sold by the registry and in EAP. Unfortunately, although the 300 domain list includes domains sold by resellers, no domain of those has been developed so none is included in the list below.

Here are the 13 most expensive New gTLD domain names that have been developed so far:

  1. Coffee.Club $100,000 (paid over 10 years, registry sale)2014Top10NewgTLDs01
  2. Eat.Club $20,000 (registry sale)2014Top10NewgTLDs02
  3. KneeSurgery.Expert $12,500 (EAP Day 1)2014Top10NewgTLDs03
  4. Liquid.Media $12,500 (EAP Day 1)2014Top10NewgTLDs04
  5. Diet.Expert $7,500 (EAP Day 2, Premium)2014Top10NewgTLDs05
  6. Miami.Condos $4,600 (EAP Day 2, Premium)2014Top10NewgTLDs06
  7. Boot.Club $3,750 (registry sale)2014Top10NewgTLDs07
  8. Design.Guru $3,000 (EAP Day 2)2014Top10NewgTLDs08
  9. ezTaxi.Cab $3000 (EAP Day 2)2014Top10NewgTLDs09
  10. Spanish.Academy $3000 (EAP Day 2, premium)2014Top10NewgTLDs10
  11. Peach.Company $3000 (EAP Day 2)2014Top10NewgTLDs11
  12. Seo.Agency $3000 (EAP Day 2, premium)2014Top10NewgTLDs12
  13. $3000 (EAP Day 2)2014Top10NewgTLDs13

About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. The interesting part will be the annual PREMIUM renewals on such domains.

  2. Good research work, finding the most expensive new gTLDs, and listing them here. It is brilliant you included screenshots of their professional-looking homepages!

    I like but was probably registration fee.

  3. Last offer for my premium domain ( ) in sedo was 48000$ but i want sell more than this.

    • Reality check, food agency, sounds to stale

    • this remembers me to the story of

    • If you have an offer of $48000, I’d take it.
      The minimum bid is still saying $45 though, so maybe you added some zeros?

      Any government agency for standards inspection is going to use a “.gov” domain to show legitimacy and for continuity within the governments domain policy and I cant see a restaurant using it; as Robbie states, its stale.
      If by some chance a restaurant does want that name, it will be some hipster start up, then they aren’t going to have 48k lying about to buy a domain.

      Selling premium domains is hard work.

      Just my two cents.

      • i don,t need to your opinion.because all you domain fixers are very similar to real estate fixer. because you want get free of charge. but i must say , i,m not a amateurish. so keep your thought for yourself. i sold too domains so far and in future will be determined for this domain.Meanwhile first bid for food agency was 3500k .

      • I’m glad you have sold two domains. well done, its not an easy thing to do.

        I do business development for all of FFM’s gTLD registries: .download, .loan, .date, .accountant, .webcam, .trade, .bid, .faith, .charity, .racing, .win, .cricket, .science, .party, .men, .review
        and I also price our premium stock, as you can see I have an almost infinite amount of domains. I do not want your domain for free, or at all, I have more than enough.

        I was merely offering you advice as to how these things are actually valued, as you know, that’s what I do for a job.

      • Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to speak and print proper English. You have comma’s where apostrophes’ should be and visa-versa. If you can communicate better you might seem more educated. Maybe then you can close easier.

  4. 48k for and you want more? HAHAHAHA

    • ha ha haaaa, ,, when sold for 20k , sold for 100k , sold for 50k , it,s normal my domain to be have 48k can go on sedo and check my domain have higher offer among gtld domains.

      yap ha ha ha

      • Those domains actually make sense though.,,,,…they all work as memorable succinct descriptions of the sites’ content.
        Their value comes from that and the advantage of exact match domain searches. Food agency doesn’t. People may search “food standards agency”, but until they make a worldwide body to manage food standards, its non locationally specific.

      • when you search food agency . in down page you can see all req. for example food agency jobs . it is not related food standard agency. !!!!

        if be with your look , you want just your domain be high price. but i don,t need to your opinion.

        when sold no one don,t think that domain be 50k . yess in future we will see ,my value range.

  5. Miami.Condos sounds like a nice name but if I search for “Miami condos” at Google and Bing the site does not even appear in the first few pages of search results. Meanwhile my Spanish sites & rank on page one of Bing/Yahoo for those exact phrases (admittedly low search volume but more than 60% of MiamiDade is Latino).

  6. Interesting that the most expensive New G is not only an exact match to a TM, but the content on the site is exact or similar to the TM…..This is a recipe for not only a UDRP, but a
    much larger case….I am really surprised the domain industry has embraced this type of abuse….Well, not really surprised, just disappointed….

    Rule #1 to Domain Developers – If the full domain or parts of the domain are a TradeMark, make damn sure the content does not match the TM as well…..

    • This is more of a business problem than a strict domain name industry problem.
      But there have been a history of a lot of similar named or even exact match businesses.
      Some went to court and some coexisted.

      • “This is more of a business problem than a strict domain name industry problem”………………….I respectfully disagree, this is a domain industry problem, as this domain is highly publicized and marketed as legitimate use within the domain industry…I will refer to Rule #1 again..

        Rule #1 to Domain Developers – If the full domain or parts of the domain are a TradeMark, make damn sure the content does not match the TM as well…..

      • I just think that when a domain name is developed it ends being a domain investor property but a real business with different problems.
        e.g. I think that a UDRP or URS would fail in this case.
        A court case would be entirely different.

        But if you are referring to the US trademark “coffee club” then I just saw that it is for a “TYPED DRAWING” and this complicates things a bit.
        Of course there is “CLUB COFFEE” and several other trademarks that incorporate the words coffee and club.

      • Word Mark COFFEE CLUB
        Goods and Services IC 030. US 046. G & S: Coffee sold in retail stores and through the mail. FIRST USE: 20030100. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20030100
        Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
        Serial Number 78195107
        Filing Date December 17, 2002
        Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

        There is no defense to this if a UDRP or URS was to surface…In law, we used to call it a “slam dunk”, until I got my professor pregnant…

      • I disagree.
        The complainant has to prove “you have no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the domain name”.

        When there is a business behind it then it is easy for respondent to prove it. Very easy UDRP/URS case.

  7. Interesting thing I find is that new tlds do not work on safari and just brings you to google search there must be a large part of searches that go missing and end up on google home page and they reaps the benefit of the domain name for no cost

  8. Expect more of these ….. the future, strange some work with a www. and some don’t (goes to search) of course that will change down the road, development is the key with gtld’s. Expect to see that with the geos’ and big brands …… Here come the Gtld’s. Whether we like it or not !

  9. Coffee Club vs Coffee.Club: same name, same service in “through the mail” class of still live TM. No TM infringement in this case? I’ll be surprised.

  10. Great reference point with this post.

  11. Nice overview K !

    I see some people are worrying about TM’s. The fact one has a generic word or 2 generic words as a TM doesn’t give the TM automatically exclusive rights of usage. If that was true then most of the internet as in domains would cease to exist. Especially if the domain is being used for exactly that what the generic word or words mean.

    A little while ago i saw on some one got approached by AMEX for using the word “OPEN”. They didn’t even have a TM for the combinations he has, but they simply didn’t like him using the word “OPEN” for those domains.

    I don’t know if some people just are trolling those investing in the new gTLDs or are heartwarming concered for their fellow loved domainer, but sometimes … 😉

    • PAX – A large and important part of domain investing is knowledge of Trademarks and Intellectual Property..Your example of AMEX is far from the one mentioned above. I have no time for case studies and analogies, but I suggest you do further research…..And when you mention, “I don’t know if some people just are trolling those investing in the new gTLDs or are heartwarming concered for their fellow loved domainer, but sometimes..”…………In reference to my comments above I am heartwarmingly concerned, FYI……

  12. @Aaron

    Thank you, but don’t worry about me but rather people who keep spreading disinformation to discredit those who differ in views. Seen it too much lately since the new gTLDs got out. Perhaps you are indeed concerned with your fellow domainers which is great and helpful. At the we provide opinions which people can take or leave, one can always seek professional legal advise to see where they are standing and if it is worth it.

  13. i live in europe. i,m english Learning.

  14. I live in europe.i’m learning english.anyway thank’s for anamnesis.

  15. Meanwhile same i told already don’t domains comparison is not related to

  16. he he you doing comparison with food agency, !!ok you be glad.

    Meanwhile i told already don’t domains comparison is not related to and so again we are the consultation for site extension. The value site will be known in the future.

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