Top 10 New gTLD Domain Name Sales Of 2014

newgtldThese are the highest selling New gTLD domain names of 2014. All domains were sold for $10,000 or more either by the respective registry or by a domain name reseller.

Here are the top New gTLD domain name sales of 2014:

Domain Name Price Date Venue Type
1. $100,000 1/11/2014 TRAFFIC MIAMI 2014 Registry Sale
2. $50,000 6/6/2014 Reseller
3. $35,000 1/11/2014 Nokta Reseller
4. $25,000 9/9/2014 Sedo Reseller
5. $20,000 26/6/2014 Sedo Registry Sale
6. $17,500 3/7/2014 Sedo Registry Sale
7. $13,750 16/4/2014 Sedo Registry Sale
8. $10,000 16/4/2014 Sedo Registry Sale
8. $10,000 16/4/2014 Sedo Registry Sale
8. $10,000 16/4/2014 Sedo Registry Sale
8. $10,000 23/10/2014 Sedo Registry Sale
8. $10,000 Unknown Private Reseller

The list does not include any of the EAP day 1 registry sales for $12,500. You can find a list (constantly updated) of those domains at the New gTLD Domain Name Sales page.

Sedo also reported of an undisclosed New gTLD sale of over $100,000. There was also a bulk deal for $175,000 that included the domains, and The domains were sold at Hunting Moon and Sedo by the registry. Also Cruise.Discount and Cruises.Discount were sold for a combined price of $10,005 at

Here is the top 5 New gTLD IDN domain name sales of 2014. All the domains were sold by TLD Registry:

游戏.在线 – game(s).online $25388 10/7/2014 Sedo
赌场.在线 – casino(s).online $25000 10/7/2014 Sedo
房地产.在线 – $16000 10/7/2014 Sedo
租赁.在线 – $15500 10/7/2014 Sedo
比特币.在线 – $14388 10/7/2014 Sedo

You can find a list of the most expensive and developed New gTLD domain names with screenshots of the websites at the post “The 13 Most Expensive & Developed New gTLD Domains Of 2014”.

2015 started off strong with a couple of 6 figure sales by the .Club registry. The VEGAS.CLUB sale for $100,000 was announced at NamesCon 2015 in Las Vegas and Wine.Club was sold at the NamesCon 2015 auction for $140,000.


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  1. I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you. From my front porch you can see the sea. And if you buy that I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free.

  2. You should look into some of these .club sales, a lot of them are bought by investors in .club and is still owned by the registry.

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