Sedo’s Top New gTLD Domain Name Sales in 2014 (, )

sedoSedo announced its 2014 list of the highest-valued public New gTLD and IDN New gTLD domain sales of the year.

In 2014, the highest sale of a new gTLD name was a confidential sale for $100,000.

.Club has 6 domain names in the New gTLD top 10 while TLD Registry Ltd, the registry of the Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) top level domains has all 10 domains in the IDN top 10.

These were the highest public new gTLD domain name sales at Sedo in 2014:
1)               25,000 US-Dollar
2)                         20,000 US-Dollar
3)                 17,500 US-Dollar
4)         8,000 Euro
5)                          10,000 US-Dollar
6)                8,000 US-Dollar
6)                  8,000 US-Dollar
7)               5,500 Euro
8)                          7,500 US-Dollar
9)                     4,200 Euro
10)          5,000 US-Dollar

The Top 10 list of highest IDN New gTLDs (includes prices that are related to domain packages including the keyword in different variations):
游戏.在线            25,388   US-Dollar
赌场.在线            25,000   US-Dollar
房地产.在线        16,000   US-Dollar
租赁.在线            15,500   US-Dollar
比特币.在线        14,388   US-Dollar
房地产.中文网    10,000   US-Dollar
俱乐部.在线         7,100    US-Dollar
名表.在线             6,400    US-Dollar
销售.在线             5,588    US-Dollar
优惠.在线             4,100    US-Dollar

Click here to see Sedo’s Top 10 Highest Domain Name Sales in 2014 (,,


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