.NYC Report: 3% Of Registrants Own 37% Of .NYC Domains, 36 Registrants Own 8,688 Domains (14%)

nycThis is a follow up to my 1st .NYC report because now .nyc zone is more representative and reflects the true registration patterns of people of New York. There were 13,669 registrants that only bought a single domain. Also 3% of registrants own 37% of all .NYC domains names.

.NYC launched on Wednesday the 8th of October. I wanted to find who bought what domains and how many domain names were bought by each registrant.

.NYC didn’t get the results some people were expecting and people that registered .nyc domains didn’t have very good taste. And it shows.


In the first report I got the first zone file after the general availability to see who bought what domains and how many of them. There were 26,853 registered domains after the first day. Now I got a zone file from the 29th of November, 2014. There are 62,419 domains registered in the second report.

The zone file includes domains registered by the registry for its own use (up to 100), some founder’s domains (up to 100), sunrise domains (368), priority domains (10,506) and domains registered from the first day of general availability up to the 29th of November. I have no way of knowing what percentage of the nearly 20,000 domains that were registered on day 1 were from pre-orders but judging for the Go Daddy market share and other registrars offering pre-orders, I can pretty much say that was at least 75%.

I used the email address to differentiate between registrants. A few registrants might be using different emails but I don’t think that would change the results by much.


The 62,419 domains were registered by 21,994 different registrants. That is 2.84 domains per registrant. There were 13,669 registrants that only bought a single domain. There were 8,325 registrants that bought more than 1 domains. The single-domain registrants only bought about 22% of the total .nyc domains.

Registrants Total Domains Domains/Registrant % Of Total
Total: 21994 62419 2.84 100%
1 domain: 13669 13669 1 21.90%
2+ domains: 8325 48750 5.86 78.10%

These are the 1st report results:

Registrants Total Domains Domains/Registrant % Of Total
Total: 9995 26853 2.69 100%
1 domain: 5898 5898 1 21.95%
2+ domains: 4097 20955 5.11 78.05%

The percentages of the total domains remain pretty much the same. But there are more people that have registered only 1 domain name and at the same time the people that registered more than 1, registered more domains.

A closer look reveals that there were 21,310 different registrants that bought 1 to 10 domain names each for a total of 39,282 domains. That is 1.84 domains per registrant and that means that these roughly 97% of all registrants bought almost 63% of the domains.

Of course there are the 3% of registrants bought 37% of .nyc domains.

I think that the fact that 97% of all registrants bought 1-10 domains shows that New Yorkers bought a fair percentage of .nyc domains. Many people and businesses bought a variation of their main domain name so that is why the domain per registrant average for the 1-10 domain range was on the low side: just 1.84 domains per registrant. As we go up the range, things change dramatically.

Registrants Total Domains Domains/Registrant % Of Total Domains
1-10 domains: 21310 39282 1,84 62.93%
11-20 domains: 425 6088 14,32 9.75%
21-30 domains: 97 2383 24,57 3.82%
31-50 domains: 86 3305 38,43 5.29%
51-100 domains: 40 2673 66,83 4.28%
101+ domains: 36 8688 241,33 13.92%
Total: 21994 62419

The 1-10 domain percentage of the total domains dropped from 70% to 63% in the couple of months that followed general availability.

The percentage that really jumped was the 101+ domains. It went from 7% to 14%. The number of people owning more than 100 .nyc domains went from 9 to 36 and their average domain name registration number went from 200 to 241.

It seems that a lot of people bought a lot of .nyc domains after the general availability. In my experience most of these people are not domainers. Or at least there were not domainers before .nyc launched. I expect that most of the “late” registrations are from people reading the news about the .nyc launch that rushed to register their business or personal domains.

Of course there were a few domainers that kept registering domains after general availability.

These are the results from the 1st report:

Registrants Total Domains Domains/Registrant % Of Total
1-10 domains: 9691 18708 1.93 69.67%
11-20 domains: 202 2886 14.29 10.75%
21-30 domains: 46 1168 25.39 4.35%
31-50 domains: 34 1297 38.15 4.83%
51-100 domains: 13 1043 80.23 3.88%
101+ domains: 9 1811 201.22 6.74%
Total: 9995 26853

Here are some more detailed numbers on registrants that bought 1-10 domains:

# Of Domains Registrants Total Domains
1 13669 13669
2 3688 7376
3 1542 4626
4 891 3564
5 522 2610
6 348 2088
7 226 1582
8 164 1312
9 145 1305
10 115 1150


There were 36 (actually 34 because 1 of them was the registry and the other was Network Solutions, see below) registrants that bought more than 100 domains each. The top registrant got 657 .nyc domains.

More info on the top 36 registrants coming in a future post.


One problem I encountered was Network Solutions and their bad and dangerous habit of putting “no.valid.email@worldnic.com” as the administrative email in whois. 478 domains have this email address.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Defeats the whole purpose of shutting out everyone else so New Yorkers can have a choice. Registering more than one needs isn’t really supportive of that idea.

  2. Awesome post. Sorry for delayed reply, i been weening off myself off all domain reading, for the domain diet so to speak. But had to jump in for this report.
    Great info, very thural.
    I am not surprised at from 9 to 36 people jump. I think with auctions, and number of other media exposures. (subways advertise .nyc all the time, i see it every day). Its not surprising that some people are getting on the band wagon. Looking forward to your 36 analysis.

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