.Paris Domain Names Are Now Available To All

paris-domainsToday, December 2 2014, .Paris domains opened to everyone at a “first come, first served” basis.

Looking for a typically Parisian address at an affordable price? .paris is the new Parisian top-level domain (TLD) which provides the same function as .com or .fr in a website’s address. It is available to all internet users on 2nd December at 2pm, allowing them to participate in the development of a new digital universe. Paris is the first city in France to offer its own name as a TLD.

In September 2014, the .paris TLD was offered to professional businesses and institutions. Some 2,000 companies acquired a .paris TLD on that occasion, notably those from the luxury, gastronomy and innovation sectors. Today, the .paris TLD is available to all who want to associate their online identity with Paris and the city’s powerful brand profile, be they bloggers or businesses.

Acquiring a .paris address The City of Paris does not sell domain names directly. Reservation of a .paris TLD can be made via an accredited registry office which can be consulted here at bienvenue.paris. The .paris address costs 39 euros TTC for a one year period.

Selected by the city of Paris based on the quality of their digital project, the 100 ambassadors paved the way to the .paris era since June 4 2014. Discover their websites:

100 ambassadeurs ouvrent la voie du .paris by mairiedeparis


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. While its better then most tlds, paris is pretty low on scale of good gtld.

    Few considerations It has .com .ed and .fr to compete with. Which is similar to .berlin
    Same as .berlin it has english and french confusion. Considering how french people like their language, it will likely to be even slower adapted then .berlin
    I like .paris more then .berling in a sense that it is a larger tourist attraction. And when people think of Europe, Paris and Rome are two front runners in recognition.
    Therefore i will rank it above berlin, but bellow English speaking cities.
    .berlin benefited from bring first city gtld and benefited right out of the gate, paris doesn’t have that advantage. But its big enough destination that will likely do well over time. FIve letters is not bad.

    • Germans like their language too.
      You forgot London too.

      I don’t get how .berlin benefited by being released first. We are talking about city New gTLDs here…
      Do you mean amongst domainers? Maybe amongst domainers it has a very slight edge.

      .Berlin has a lot of registrations because of thousands of free domains offered.

      • I didnt mention .london or .nyc because there is no 2 language barrier, and i covered it extensively few weeks ago already

        . I think its a big minus to city gtlds to have two main languages. Thats why both .Berlin and .Paris are behind .London and .NYC. Since it doubles amount of words and doubles confusion. Lets take movies, it can be movies in english for movies spelled in german. Each word has second variation in another language. Also is used for english or for german? There is no one answer and that creates cognitive dissonance, where users confused. On Alexa, in top million sites, 10 are on .berling. 4 of the berlin domains has meaning in german and spelled german words in English lettes, 6 are English words. Will berlin do well, i think so, will do as well as only English speaking big cities. Definitely not.

        As example .londong .nyc and .berlin all have about equivalent number of names in top 1mill on alexa. Vegas has 1. Considering that .berlin was released 8 month in advance of other cities, this tells us about adaption.

        Before free names i believe Berlin already ha 60 or 70 k. Probably mostly domainers, but still significant numbers. If we look at Tokyo, or Quebec and other cities just released. Registrations are much slower. The only cities that really took off, were English speaking country capitals. Berlin already lagging, even though it is country capital, but its not English speaking.

      • You said “And when people think of Europe, Paris and Rome are two front runners in recognition.” so I said that London is in there too.

        I don’t get this. Berlin and Paris don’t have 2 main languages. They speak German and French.
        This confusion is only domainer and foreign confusion. Germans and French are not confused.

        Alexa might mean something, then maybe not. But .berlin was probably killed by the free domains. Maybe next year it would be better.
        .Berlin also gave out free domains to residents at GA so it was not 60-70k to begin with.

      • German and French speakers are both well versed in english, .berlin domains show that some sites will be built in english, not majority but enough. Also tourists need English sites, especially when it comes to Paris. Ya, London is up there too, i think i misread that part. Thats where .london has advantage, 1 universal language in European gtlds. Tourists make up significant target audience. in NYC there 50 million tourists every year. Probably similar for Paris and London.

        Ya .Berlin was killed of by free domains, didnt know they gave away free domains. Interesting.

        I might be going to name con, are you coming? Since i think you mentioned it, but i cant find the announcement.

      • “German and French speakers are both well versed in english”
        🙂 I wouldn’t say it exactly like that…

        “Thats where .london has advantage, 1 universal language in European gtlds. ”
        I don’t get what .London has to do with European gTLDs and English…
        If you mean that .London websites will have more traffic from tourists because they will all be in English you may be right.
        But .berlin and .paris will have a few more domains registered because of English also being used.

        I am going to Namescon. I have booked ticket and hotel and registered for the conference.
        I will probably write a post so anyone that comes can meet with me if they want.

      • Ya, write a post, maybe plan drink get together one of the nights. I just booked my flight and hotel. so i am in.

  2. Very nice, it’s about time they released to the general domain public. Great news, I might have to get one. 🙂

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