.Paris: 12,000 Purchased Domains Names

paris-domainsThe .Paris registry announced that the .paris has been successful with 12,000 purchased domain names so far.

“A week after the public opening , the new web address Paris has already surpassed the 12,000 websites with a domain name .paris ! A flying start , which shows the attractiveness of Paris for business and Parisians . By comparison , ” Paris is better than Tokyo and London during their respective launch ,” says Jean-Louis Missika , Assistant to the Mayor of Paris in charge of urban planning, the Grand Paris and economic development.”

That doesn’t sound very accurate. .London had over 35,000 domains after its first day alone and .Tokyo had almost 14,000 domains a week after launch where .Paris has 12,000.

The City of Paris does not sell domain names directly. Buying an .paris domain is done with accredited registrars, the list is available on www.bienvenue.paris. The starting price of a .paris is 39 euros for a period of one year.


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  1. For me, it just confirms again that two language cities will have harder rate of adaption of local gtlds. Only .London and .NYC have done 30k on first date. For .NYC it took two month to double that rate to 60k. For London it still just over 50k after 3 month. Tokyo is still under 30k 6month later.

    • If anything, .paris should have more registration because Paris is spelled the same in English and French.

      • Yes, and also from people registering both French (mostly the French) and the English (mostly the foreign) versions of the domain.

        I am not getting any .paris domains because I don’t know anything about the French market except that they love the French language. 🙂
        Which I don’t know… 🙁

      • Ya, spelling in both french and English is big plus in this case. i am all in on NYC, hence everything else for me is just a side show to watch. Two languages, meaning Local main language and then English. Since English is pretty much universal international language, i count it as second primary language on any domain that happens in English letters but are not English speaking natively.

    • I still don’t get what the 2 language city problem is and what it means.

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