Italian Web Hosting Company Has Won The .Cloud New gTLD

newgtldAruba S.p.A. (, a company offering web hosting, certified email and domain names services as well as a cloud provider in Europe ( since 2011, has been awarded the .cloud extension, thus supporting Aruba’s ambitious move to become a global player in this market.

In order to become the Official Registry for the registration of .cloud domains, six companies applied in addition to Aruba, including Amazon, Charleston Road Registry (Google) and Symantec. The domain in question is a highly coveted extension, not only because it is of great importance to all market players eager to assert their own cloud identity, but mainly because of the great success of the cloud as a whole, which has created general interest in the extension, meaning it is coveted by everyone.

The .cloud gTLD will give a further boost to the expansion that this technology has been experiencing for several years now. As a matter of fact, it is now recognised as the biggest current technological trend, with forecasts, in terms of value of cloud-based services, of hundreds of billions of euros.

In this way, Aruba, probably the only company in Italy that will create a Registry for one of the so-called new domains, underlines its special focus on investment and technological innovation. Aruba’s vision sees the internet and the cloud converging into a single world: as a result, the cloud will continue its ascent towards becoming a major player in the economy in general, and the IT industry in particular. For this reason, the company – which is already operating a very successful proprietary cloud platform in Europe – wants to capitalize on this breakthrough to become a global player.

We are proud to have been awarded this domain of global significance, commented Stefano Cecconi, CEO of Aruba S.p.A. “We have been the leader on the Italian market and among top European hosting players for more than 20 years and we have been investing in the development of the cloud for several years now. With a European network of data centers and offices in England, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, our Aruba Cloud offer increasingly focuses on global expansion: in Aruba, we think of the cloud less and less as a product and more and more as a long-term vision.”


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