New gTLD Forum Launched At

gtld-linkA new forum dedicated to New gTLDs was launched at The new domain name forum was created by domainers Phil Harris and Chad Wright.

The New gTLD domain forum was launched before 3 weeks and it already has as members, representatives from New gTLD registries and related companies such as .Club, Rightside and

Chad Wright announced some of his New gTLD sales on the forum: – $6,000 – $2,500 – $2,500 – $2,000

The forum is described by its creators as “a place to hang out and chat about gTLD domain names.”

Here are an introduction of the 2 creators with their own words.

Phil Harris:

Hello everyone , my name is Phil I bought my first domain in 1999 and I love this business . I have learned so much from so many. I look forward to sharing information ideas new sect…about all the new gTlds!! That’s why my partner chad and I started this board.. Feel free to reach out anytime!

Chad Wright:

Hi All,

I have been involved with domains since 2000 and am excited to partner with Phil in starting this forum so we can have a dedicated place to chat about the new gTLDs.

While most my portfolio is currently dotcom, I do think many of these new extensions will do well. I personally plan to develop many of mine out and already have one in the works which I hope I can announce soon.

I look forward to learning and sharing with everyone.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I saw Chad Wright step up on day 3, and 4 OF EAP on many purchases thru the process, so $6xx to $1xxx + premium renewals on some of these purchases. I hope the transfer process is fixed, as many people have had issues transferring GTLD’s.

    These guys went in big in GTLD’s, and they need these sales to cover a portion of their premium renewals, it is truly a numbers game, as well all know, 4-5 figure sales come in a month, but as do 4-5 figure renewal bills.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Konstantious!! We look forward to having a great forum with lots of talk about the gTLDs! look forward to seeing the new members!

  3. @phil, great initiative ! I’ll signup too 🙂

    Most of mine were eap 4/5 and only a handful were at that time priced as premium.

  4. Phil, I looked at your forum, but I don’t know how deep you guys are into this, but one thing you fail to accept is that you are not the end users. Sure you guys have caught some great names, but the premiums you are incurring will not allow you to hold the domain, and still demand a profit. The first 6 months the registries were learning, they have now adapted strategies to take the domainer out of the business, unless the domainer is not a true businessman and continues to pay into their high premiums.

    Really, any domainer will tell you the way you are going about this, you are going to have to sell your best domains, to maintain all your not so best domains.

    • I agree that prices have been rising and registrars are fine-tuning their premium domain selections. I registered tons of .exchange domains but not .market, even though they target similar use, because the .market domains were way too pricey. I sort of feel lucky I registered a nice selection of .exchange domains before this happened. I bet .shop and other similar target domains will be even more expensive. I may have to pass on those and tightly hold onto my .exchange domains.

    • I pretty much gave up. I can’t find anything reasonably priced lately.

  5. @K

    I still from time to time find some gems (imo) with normal pricing but as Robbie said many carry a premium price compared to the groundfloor where i did my lionshare of registrations in EAP.

  6. @Phil

    Not sure if you’re still reading, but when i try to register using Firefox latest i just get a partial blank page with the word “Register” but no fields or anything to enter. I allowed all the scripts your website is using and cookies but still no luck.

  7. @K

    I agree, that’s why the few i add are regs of the moment. Not actively searching but just happens if i sometimes see something really interesting and then check if there is a domain i could reg for that.

  8. Thanks for the feed back I will check pax, we would love to have you!

    Chris , At the moment we don’t manually approve . Hoping we won’t have too. We have had 8 new members sign up today alone .

    Robbie, I may not be the end user for all of my investments . But I will be on several. The renewals are priced into my overall strategy.

    • Maybe I’m missing something here, but in the sign-up process I was informed that I wasn’t able to participate until I had clicked on the confirmation link in the welcome email; I havent received that email and, so far as I can tell, I’m not able to reply to any posts etc yet.

  9. Phil, have been in this racket to know how crazy development will make you. Putting up mini sites will not work either. Buying a great domain, and putting a half ass template on it will not work when you have crazy premiums.

    The only strategy that can honestly work for your plan is if the GTLD’s mature quicker than expected, and a secondary market appears before the premiums bleed you dry.

  10. Robbie, I don’t know how to say this , without coming off wrong.. But you don’t know anything about me , my past development , current works in progress or my financials let alone my investments in domains or anything else for that matter. You speak so matter of fact.. And my views are my views I don’t try to tell you that you are dead wrong and this is a sure thing. Nothing is. The proof is in the pudding . Old school term. Right now it’s all conjecture .. Straw arguments … You can not define for me what a good rate of return is for 1-10 years … Also I am blessed to have another brick and mortar retail business that provides my primary income and investment income.

    I would suggest if you would like to learn more , feel free to reach out and give me a call.

  11. Your the same guy bidding thousands on .xyz domains, enough said

  12. Lol, listen Robbie, I’ve tried to be more than polite… If you have something useful to say , I welcome that.. I learned a long time ago… Don’t throw mud you only lose ground. But all you keep saying is the same unfounded unnecessary derogatory comments. Yes I bid 8000 on didn’t get it .. And still today would not be upset had I won it. Your comments make you look silly… Some of the best and most well known proven with time domain investors are split with their thoughts on The new gtlds . So being as polite as I can be , we can take this conversation up in 3 years , if things turn out the way I expect, my investments will turn out very well! If not I will be just fine and move on to my next speculation … But right now it’s silly for you to make such bold statements it comes across very tasteless attacking things you have no clue about… Enough said…

  13. Phil and Chad – Your forum,, seems to have a lot of “secret domain society” members, including the vindictive ring leader….Whats up with that?……..Ironically, the ring leader promoted her site and credentials on the forum, yet banned a popular blogger this week for doing the same on her private site… …..To establish credibility, please reply with your membership status to private boardrooms??????????……As the saying goes, “you can’t make this stuff up”……….

  14. Aaron, you have ‘absolutely no clue’ to what you’re talking about. All you are doing is spreading unfounded and untrue accusations on something you know nothing about. And why should ‘anybody’ have to establish any credibility with you, a complete domaining newbie and ‘nobody’. Get a life and stop trashing others for no reason other than making yourself look stupider in this industry, than you already have! Good grief.

    (apologies Konstantinos for the rant)

  15. Aaron, Im not really sure what your asking? Chad and I have an open forum for anyone that is interested in buying , selling , learning about the new gTLDs with other like minded individuals . We encourage anyone that has something positive to share to join. As far as being included in private boardrooms, are you asking me if I am a member of the DBR? or private boardrooms that have to do with stock investments? Hunting? Snowmobiling? Religious affiliations?

    I belong to several public and private forums that match my personal interests.

    Any of our members are free to share their credentials in their intro post.

    As far as Donna goes, all I can say is she has been nothing but kind , polite , professional and supportive of our new forum.

    She has the difficult task of enforcing the rules that have been put in place at her forum .

    The members of DBR are a wonderful collection of people with varying levels of experience and knowledge relating to the domain industry .

    Donna is a very kind person and has been consistent in enforcing the rules of the DBR for many years.

    Hope this clears things up. If you have anything positive you would like to share in our forum we would love to see you there.

  16. Robbie, now sure why you keep referring to us as not being able to turn a profit with these new domains due to high premiums as if you know our business. Most of mine are actually cheap. Besides, what you consider pricey might be chump change to another.

    I have been domaining for 14 years full-time and know what I’m doing.

    Business is about making more money than you spend. Not all of my dotcoms will ever turn a profit but enough of them do.

    And as far as development, not sure how you figure you know what are plans are on that either. Half assed templates and mini-sites? I don’t think Phil and I ever mentioned any of that or even insinuated it.

    Thanks for the feedback but for future reference if you have an interest to know what we are doing then just ask.

  17. Hello, i like your new forum. And thanks Konstantinos for announcing this on your blog, although I just found out this post after signing up for the forum.

    Cheers to all and Merry Christmas

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