New Low: Google Glass Used As Bait For Students To Get Free .XYZ Domains

noI didn’t want anything to do with these people even after I saw those photos of these ridiculous purple men at ICANN 51 in Los Angeles promoting the worst of the worst in New gTLDs.

But I am weak. I can’t help it with these people. Now they are begging people to get free .xyz domains. Today, I came across this new .XYZ promo:

“OnlyDomains and the .XYZ domain registry are giving students the chance to win one of three pairs of Google Glass!
A pair of Google Glass will be awarded to the winner of each of the following three categories: Coolest Idea, Most traffic and Most “likes”.”

“Simply fill out the email form and use the promotion code supplied in the reply email to register any .XYZ doman before the end of October and you will receive the first year of your new .xyz domain for free. Once you have your domain, you have until the end of November to create a cool website for a chance to win a Google Glass!”

xyz-google-glass seems like a decent registrar but if you get involved with .xyz a lot of bad things start happening. Network Solutions had given out 375,000 free .xyz domains. But everybody hates Network Solutions anyway so they don’t have much to lose. Various other registrars, such as Tucows and a couple of Chinese registrars, have offered .XYZ domains at very cheap prices like $1.

I am really sorry for those people. We get it. You want to be the first to reach 1 million domains. Now, stop wasting your money! Nobody will give an award when you reach 1 million at all costs.



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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. On a related note, did you hear that Bono apologized for putting U2’s new album in everyone’s iCloud library? I think they have also now made it easy to delete if you don’t want it…

  2. Everyone bitches and moans about the new g’s not doing enough to promote the new strings. This is an example of a really terrific idea to promote .xyz and get students involved with using it in real projects. is giving away but I don’t hear any outrage. Godaddy doles out .99 cent .coms every day and no one cares.

    I am starting to think you just hate Daniel for some reason and this isn’t really about the extension anymore.

    • No, it’s not. It another gimmick to give away free domains.

      How does this compare with what does???

      Where do you get this 0.99 cents for .com cause I can’t find it.

      I don’t hate him. I feel sorry for him for his lies and grandiose delusions.
      Have you been reading the blogs? Nobody in the industry wants anything to do with him anymore.
      And there are people that actually knew him and liked him.
      I didn’t know him and I certainly don’t want to meet him.

  3. You can hand register new .com domains only for .99 1.49 and 1.99 with godaddy coupons on and all day long.
    They have some very nice people on on the back pages that find the coupons and post them.
    Again it’s for new domains and hand registration only.

    • You can also get renewal codes and transfer codes.
      When you place an order with godaddy, scroll down to the box that says, do you have a promo code, then type in your code and the price will drop.
      I usually take down a few codes, some maybe out of date, then keep putting them in the box, til the price drops.

  4. I think they may be going with the old adage of “no such thing as bad publicity” I think Gtld awareness will come with the big brands, .sony .bmw .canon and of course once we see some .nyc and .londons being developed, I think if the next ‘Big Thing” uses a Gtld then the critical mass will soon take notice Face.Book ….. Ummm

  5. Encouraging development seems to me like a good thing for a new gTLD registry to do.

    If it was just a lottery of registrants, perhaps I could see your point about XYZ being hungry for numbers, but this is about web sites, not registrations.

    It’s a good promo, in other words, exactly what registries should be doing.

    • I think we have a different perspective.
      This is a registry desperate to reach 1M registrations, where people are not even getting free domains so it has to run a contest to make them get free domains.
      This is a registration number hunt.

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