New gTLD 1st Day Registrations: .Okinawa 640, Google’s .Soy 182

newgtldHere are the domain name registration results from this week’s 2 New gTLD launches:

.Okinawa entered general availability on the 14th of October. Okinawa prefecture is located in the southernmost of Japan. The purpose of .okinawa is to promote Okinawa and spread to the world Okinawa brand. .Okinawa had just 640 registrations after its first day of general availability.

Google Registry launched its second New gTLD .soy on the 15th of October. The .SOY domain will cater to the growing digital needs of the US Hispanic market, offering brands, publishers, and consumers a place to create, collaborate, and share. .Soy had just 182 registrations after its first day of general availability.

The “New gTLD 1st Day Registrations” include sunrise domain names as well as any domains registered by the registry or any founder’s program. Any registry is allowed to register up to 100 domains for it’s own use and give out another 100 as part of the New gTLD founder’s program.

(I am always comparing the same first hours from their 1st day for all New gTLDs. The hours between General Availability and the first zone files update.)


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  1. I think google will shove it down everybody throats and will make soy come up higher for Latin America markets. Leave to google to be fair………

  2. .Okinawa looks much better than .soy domain … thats what i think…

  3. I like Okinawa, its a beautyful island, so i bought some .. & some more

  4. Good Royal what other dotokinawa domains you registered. I got just 2 domains as follows


    • I like ur ! trade is good as well !
      check out for onsen dot okinawa. if its still free, buy it. onsen is the japanese word for wellness centre.

      i got .. (i got & as well.)

      sadly and was taken by landrush

      • Not bad royal you got good domains I got following domains altogether


        * got registered on 14th october

      • Ever single one of those available in .com version. is available , which i think would be its most valuable name due to tourism.

      • yes. and this means what exactly ?

      • 99% of the time it means that the keywords are not desirable.

      • sold by me for 1k (oops the com is free) sold by me for 5k (com is crap page) 5k (sold by someone and .com and .de is still looking for a buyer) 25k (com is empty)
        just the first 4 I remembered right now
        99% ?

        feel the power of a domain 🙂

      • Yep 99%.
        What you given me is actually 75% registered in .com and more:

        Read again what I wrote:
        “99% of the time it means that the keywords are not desirable.”
        That doesn’t mean that a domain will never be sold.
        I would never register but you sold it.

      • sounds fantastique !
        and I see that you collected the trade .. very very well

        sadly the was reserved by registry.
        I hope for a package sell for / and makes no sense for me. I got but will not pay it again next year (the page got no clicks)

      • I just dont like comparing
        I met so many people in life that followed others and I never liked it.

        and of course okinawa needs a decade to grow up

      • You do realize that , is very different meaning that ….. hence your example is moot. First one can be fun site, going with a bang, explosive fun. in this case .com has to be a whore site or centrally dealing with sex. In most cases, .com would have worked much bettter. Finding one exception doesn’t make it a rule. you got that 1% Konstantinos is talking about.

  5. It seems Google trying to stick to 3 letter .Dots for most of their domain.

    I think Okinawa and Yokohama are both very very specific, and not searched by japanese. Hence they have to be fully aimed at Tourists. Both feel to me very nitch. Not to say there might not be takers, but it will be very specific ones. Since anyone who considers to Trade with Okinana in English, can get . Which by the way is available at this moment for registration.

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