KorsVodka.com Sale For $750,000 Is A Fake

noYesterday there was a press release, that a few blogs reproduced, that reported that KorsVodka.com sold for $750,000. Was the sale real? Absolutely not!

I was originally intrigued by the “last updated” date on whois of korsvodka.com: 2014-03-27.

A 5 minute search at domaintools.com whois history revealed that the domain KorsVodka.com has not been sold ever.

Mitja Krzisnik was the original registrant of KorsVodka.com on the 25-Oct-12. Then on January 2013 the registrant changed to Urska Krzisnik. (family or spouse of Mitja)

In June 2014 the domain KorsVodka.com went behind privacy whois. You could say that the new owner is behind whois privacy but that is not the case. The whois privacy was probably added to cover their tracks and give the immpression of an owner change.

Problem is that the domain name KORS-VODKA.COM did not go behind privacy:
Creation Date: 2013-02-09 05:58:14
Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC
Registrant Name: Urska Krzisnik
Registrant Organization: KV Spirits
Registrant Email: korsvodka@gmail.com

There are several other domains that did not go behind privacy:

That proves that KV Spirits and Urska Krzisnik was the original owner of KORSVODKA.COM that was never sold.

All domains above now forward to korsvodka.com.

Furthermore KV Spirits has a “KORS VODKA” US trademark filed by Krzisnik, Urska in SI on January 24, 2013.

I am not sure if this is just a publicity stunt of KV Spirits or the company just bought the domain from their owner that is from Slovenia. This seem more like an IRS issue to me. Seems like they are creating a legitimate sale record.

The press release mentioned that BH Escrow was involved in the sale.
“Chris Harris […] adds that the dynamic sale was confirmed by several sources including the representatives of new owner KV Spirits and BH Escrow company who handled the transaction from an undisclosed seller.”

It seemed a bit suspicious to me that the press release went into such effort to point out that “several sources” confirmed the domain sale.

Maybe now BH Escrow plans to reveal this “mystery” undisclosed seller that can be found in whois history in 2 minutes.


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  1. Must be a publicity stunt.

    Fake sales are not rare in this industry because people want to impress others.

  2. “Where’s the money Lebowski?” 😀

  3. That’s why yesterday I defined it as the “bogus sale of the year” … I’ve already commented about this fake both on TNTnames and on DomainPicks …
    As I stated yesterday, IMHO it’s a marketing trick, but it could also have tax implications, as you say.
    BTW, now I’m gonna call you copycat Kosta …lol 😀

    • P.S.
      Theo already know about it, since I forwarded him the case yesterday 😉

    • I didn’t read TNTnames and maybe I was too early on Mark’s post.

      • I posted it on DomainPicks yesterday at 7.46PM, and you commented on a different topic (“bath domains”) there on 8.03PM, so you have surely noticed my post, which included a link to TNTnames.com article.
        When you posted there were just 2 posts published.
        Sorry, but time stamps contradict you Mr copycat …. 😀

      • Maybe I didn’t see it, maybe I did and forget it. Sorry if I did.
        Or now that I think of it… I think I was looking to backorder some of Mark’s domains and then came back and posted the comment about the bath domains. Maybe your comment loaded on my browser after I made mine and then I closed the webpage.

        Oh. And I haven’t visited TNT for more than a year now. It is one of 2-3 “blogs” I have considered hiding from domaining.com.

  4. Why did Michael Berkins post it? Mike is a reputable figure in the domain industry. wow

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