tlds sells at Sedo for $600k – It sold again for $600k in 2009!

Dave Evanson, a Sedo broker, announced today they the domain name sold at Sedo for $600,000.

The domain is still parked at Sedo and whois at GoDaddy still shows the Sedo Transfer Service as the owner, so the new owner is not known yet.

The remarkable here is that was once again sold in 2009 by Rick Latona at Sedo again! (I got some info from whois history by and sales history from

The domain was then behind whois privacy until 2015 when privacy was removed and the owner was revealed to be a company named Avatar Invest Inc. from Russia. Not sure if the domain was sold at that time.

Because of the price it kinda seems to me here that the sellers tried to get most of their investment from 2009 back.

So the real winner here was Sedo that took the 2 commissions.

The domain name was originally registered in 1997.


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  1. If the owner was indeed a Russian company, they might be quite comfortable with selling at “the same” price, since rouble to USD rate has dropped since 2009. So it would be x2 in roubles even after taxes.

  2. The Communist Putrin will steal the domain from him.

    Nobody owns anything in Russia, it is all own by Putrin and the Czars.

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