.NYC Got 3,441 Priority Domains (80% At GoDaddy) Plus Any Pending Auctions

nycYesterday was the final day to apply with priority for .NYC domain names.

Today there are 3,441 registered .nyc domains in the zones.

The .NYC priority program was designed to prevent someone else from registering a name before the City opens the registry for public access, scheduled for October 8, 11AM EST.

New Yorkers that applied paid a higher fee compared to general availability of about $70 that includes the first year of registration.

In the case of duplicate registration requests for domains, auctions will be held to determine the owner, scheduled between October 23 and November 6.

I believe that this 3,441 number does not include any of the domains that are to be auctioned in a few weeks.

More than 80% of the priority registrations were done at Go Daddy that clearly shows the Go Daddy dominance in the registrar market in the US. It also shows that people wouldn’t know a good and cheap registrar even if it hit them in the head. Go Daddy has some of the highest New gTLD prices in priority programs, landrushes and EAP and of course it is a bad registrar.

Maybe the priority program has not yet finished processing domains from all registrars so the total number and the registrar market share may change in the next couple of days.

.NYC domains can only be registered by residents or businesses of New York (the 5 boroughs) with a real New York address. PO Boxes are not allowed.

This 3,441 number includes sunrise domain names as well as any domains registered by the registry or any founder’s program. Any registry is allowed to register up to 100 domains for it’s own use and give out another 100 as part of the New gTLD founder’s program.


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  1. I’m in New York City, so I ordered two domains. Somehow only one of them is in my account, but the other is still listed in my pre-orders queue. I’m not sure why… perhaps they had more than one person ordering it and it’ll go to auction. If that happens… I’m tapping out.

    • I have .london orders still pending and with my funds on hold for months now.
      And I know I will not be getting 4 out of 5 domains.
      Go figure. It’s a mess.

      • They took my payment in August for 2 NYC domains, but one BroadwayCoupons.NYC is still in limbo.

        I’m not willing to get into a bidding war over that one anyway, because I have it as a .Com, so I would love to see somebody get the NYC version.

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