CENTR Report: 282.5 Million Domains In The World With 1.6% Growth

gtldsAs of August 2014 the total number of domains across all Top Level Domains (TLDs)  stood at 282.5 million (including new gTLDs). This represents a growth of roughly 1.6% since May 2014 (4.5 million registrations).

ccTLDs grew at the highest rate for the past 3 months at 1.7% this compares with 0.3% for legacy gTLDs. The global market share of ccTLDs (as a percentage of all TLD registrations) has been increasing over the past few quarters it currently stands at 45.8% (see left).







As more new gTLDs are introduced, this report will continue to monitor and report on the global domain name market in the new landscape. The current market share of new gTLDs is around 0.7% however it is growing consistently.
















The top 20 largest ccTLDs represent roughly 82% of all ccTLD registrations globally and 38% of all domain names globally (gTLDs, ccTLDs etc).

European ccTLDs closed August 2014 with 66.5 million registrations a net growth of 0.3%
over the past 3 months.

The latest of CENTRs ‘DomainWire Stat Report’ is available (Edition 9 – September 2014). The report provides a global status update on top level domains (legacy gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs) with a focus on European ccTLDs.

DomainWire Stat Report is CENTR’s quarterly publication covering basic domain name statistics with a focus on European ccTLDs (country code Top Level Domains). A ccTLD (country code top level domain) is a two letter domain name extension such as .de (Germany), .es (Spain) or .cz (Czech Republic).

CENTR is the European ccTLD association . CENTR is a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting the interest of country code TLD managers. The objectives of CENTR are to promote and participate in the development of high standards and best practices among ccTLD Registries. CENTR has 52 Full members and 9 Associate members who all together represent around 80% of the total number of ccTLD domain name registrations worldwide.


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