What Domains Does Go Daddy Promote? (.Co No1, .Org & .Com Follow, .Biz & .US Absent)

godaddyGo Daddy has been using different homepages for different countries and different languages for quite some time now. So I thought about going to all homepages and checking what domain name extensions Go Daddy is promoting. Go Daddy is the biggest registrar in the world so what is on its homepage could make or break an extension.

There are 42 different regions that someone can choose from at Go Daddy.


12 of the regions have English as their primary language, 8 have Spanish, 4 French, 3 German, 2 Italian, 2 Portuguese, 2 Dutch and there are 9 other individual languages.

So I checked to see what extensions are promoted in these 42 regions in the homepage. I counted how many times each TLD appears on the main promo screen in the middle and on the small line below it has has all the priced TLDs.














Here are the results in order of appearances:

.co 42
.org 36
.com 29
.net 21
.london 18
.club 13
.info 13
.uno 8
.xyz 6
new gtlds 3
.ch 3
.be 2
.br 1
.ca 1
.dk 1
.de 1
.es 1
.vegas 1
.fr 1
.in 1
.it 1
.my 1
.mx 1
.nl 1
.co.nz 1
.at 1
.pe 1
.ph 1
.pl 1
.sg 1
.se 1
.mobi 1
.ru 1

The .Co registry must have a pretty good deal with Go Daddy as .co appears in all 42 regions. .Org is in 36 and .com in 29. .London is in 18 regions but maybe that is seasonal as it was launched so recently.

Other New gTLDs, except from .London, that made it onto the list are .club, .uno, .xyz and .vegas. But of course there is also a New gTLD panel that appears in 3 regions including the US and features various New gTLDs such as .guru and .photography.

Other interesting facts are that not all ccTLDs from respective countries appear on Go Daddy. .Za domains from South Africe and .gr domains from Greece are nowhere to be found. But I can tell you from experience that it not that easy to run a .gr registrar unless you are Greek. And even then…

4 of the older gTLDs all appear in more than 10 regions including .com, .net, .org and .info. .Info is very popular in European countries mainly: France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Pakistan, Portugal, SSingapore, Finland, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Ukraine.

The only region that features .mobi is the US one. I have no idea why they think that is a good idea:


I don’t see a Chinese region that seems a bit odd so .cn is not listed anywhere.

Finally, do you want to know what are the only 2 TLDs that have more than a million domain registrations that are completely absent? Neustar’s .Biz and .US. Does this mean something? Is this a message from Go Daddy?


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. HI
    I have tried to “park” this new domain with Sedo.com
    It keeps being rejected because of “unknow” extension.
    Maybe somebody can advise me how or where to park [and sell] this one.’Thanks

  2. “wan” means “late” or “night” “wan an” means “Good night!”
    “Wan” means 10,000, but in ancient times, did they use “wan” to really mean 10,000 or to mean a large number which
    is too large to quantify.’wanwu’ (10,000 things), which just means all things in existence,English as “the myriad

  3. Are you still reg .co domains?

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