New Go Daddy TV Ad Featuring New gTLD Domains And Theresa.Photography (watch video)

Go Daddy just released it’s new TV ad featuring New gTLD domain names and having the domain name Theresa.Photography as an example. The TV ad features many New gTLD strings such as .guru, .expert, .ninja, .wiki, .events, .buzz, .photos, .club, .email, .dance and many more.

Go Daddy is featuring their new ad on their website too:


Go Daddy pitch at YouTube is:

The Internet is changing — becoming more personalized — and GoDaddy can help you take advantage of this new opportunity to get the web address you really want. Right now, there are brand new, more personalized domains available. Some of the most popular are: .guru, .expert, .photography, .solutions, plus hundreds of other available domains that are perfect for you or your business. Find the right name, right now. It’s go time.

By visiting you get a 35% discount on all new gtld domain names. .Club is selling for $9,74 and .tips for $16,24.

By the way I doubt that Theresa is a real photographer. Theresa.Photography is a mock website and everywhere you click redirects you to Whois shows that the domain is owned by Go Daddy.

You can watch the new GoDaddy TV ad here:


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. HHHmmm, a New gTLD string is missing from the ad. HHHmmmmmm….
    What could that be? Anyone?

  2. That is hilarious!

    Am I wrong to think that if these were selling at all, they wouldn’t need to be discounted by 35%?

    Why pay a discounted $45.49 for a “.Expert” tld when “.Pro” has already been allowing websites to be scoffed at for years?

    Sorry GoDaddy, this campaign just isn’t going to buck the .com trend.

    Kinda morbid that we are literally watching an industry crumble before our eyes. What a dumb idea. Serves them all right. They had been warned. Right here, actually.

    Keep up the great work, KZ!

  3. It’s good that marketing to the masses is starting, especially when big names like godaddy do it 🙂

    Funny when there is no marketing news the nay-sayers point to lack of marketing, now there is slowly more and more marketing and then they scramble to find something negative to point to.


    • This was huge news. Probably even bigger than the superbowl ad because this is going to be played many times all over the TV for weeks.
      And I guess nobody cares…
      Sometimes I don’t even know what people want…

  4. lol funny .. but hey, good for us too

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