Flippa: 4 New Improvements This Week

flippaAfter eliminating the minimum $10 commission fee across all domain and website auctions and domain catalog sales last week Flippa continues this week with even more improvements.

Flippa has unveiled a few changes and a new redesign of the navigation bar to help beginners easily find websites and starter sites. Here is what Flippa unveiled:

1. Find what you need fast

Under each section of the new navigation bar, we’ve added 3 new pages to help you find what you’re looking for.

  1. Reserve met page
  2. Most active pages
  3. Just sold pages

2.  Clarified definitions – starter sites, turnkey websites, and brand new websites

As the established leader of the website marketplace space, we wanted to develop a consistent and clearly definable term for our users to refer these new websites. These are the terms we will use to categorize websites:

  • Established Sites: Websites that have been live for more than 3 months, usually with a record of traffic and/or revenue details.
  • Starter Sites: Websites that that have been live for less than 3 months, usually without a record of traffic and/or revenue details. These were previously referred to as ‘Brand New’ or ‘Turnkey’ websites.

3. The Starter Store – websites for first-time buyers

The Starter Sites dropdown menu is also home to the brand new Starter Store, meant to help beginners who are new to buying a website find a beginner website from our reputable sellers.

4. A dedicated place for Established Sites and Starter Sites

Websites that are now known as Starter Sites can now be found exclusively in the Starter Sites dropdown menu.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Any word on being able to manage the catalog? Meaning delete listings that have been sold or expired? I still do not see a way to do this. I cannot delete a domain I had listed 9 months ago.

    • I have not tried the catalog yet so I don’t know.
      I think you will get a reply from Kevin.

    • Hi Teri ~

      Nice to ‘see’ you again — I remember you from years of buying and selling domains together…

      Regarding the Domain Catalog, I would love to help you. There is indeed a way to manually delete any catalog entry of your choosing; is this what you are referring to? I’m happy to assist right here in this thread, if so…

      • Please Kevin, as I would like to try it out too and I think it would be good to know beforehand.

      • So sorry this was so hard to find. My team and I are working to make things more visible in an forthcoming update.

        First, click on your username at the top of the page.

        You will see a menu list pop up on the left hand side. Under “Selling,” click on “My Domain Catalog.”

        You’re defaulted to the “My Catalog” section, where you will see domains currently live in your catalog. You can bulk-edit pricing and bulk-delete listings, as well as handle individual listings. Search for any particular domain in the search box up top.

        Should you have any pending WhoIs verification, click on the “Verification” tab, where you can recollect contact information to re-initiate the upload.

        That’s pretty much the gist; did I answer your questions?

      • I found it. Thanks Kevin.
        But I need a bulk delete tool similar to the “add domains” tool.
        So I can enter a list of 500 domains and delete them.
        Selecting 500 domains out of 10000 domains will take me days and I will just not do it.

    • Hi Teri ~ I hope I answered your question; see my response to Konstantinos, below…Let me know how else I can be of service

  2. Hi Kevin. Thanks for the reply…The problem I am having is not seeing that particular domain listed 9 months ago in that catalog. So I cannot delete it. Yet it comes up when searching for the domain itself and shows as make offer.

    The inability to manage this old listing has prevented me from entering any new domains into the catalog as I don’t want to accumulate a bunch of listings that I cannot delete. Perhaps it is a glitch that the old listing is not in the catalog?

    Thanks in advance…

  3. Yes, old listing was done before the catalog existed (9 months ago). But I cannot see any way to remove the domain if I wanted to. And when I just happened to be looking through the make offer domains, I saw mine. Which is when I went to delete it and could not figure out how to do that.

  4. This is the way my brain thinks. If I listed a domain 9 months ago pre – catalog and it is listed for sale as make offer with no way to delete it if I wanted to, then there are obviously thousands of domains listed by others in the same boat.


    • Yes and no.

      First thing’s first, I don’t think this domain was submitted to your Catalog, but is nonetheless available as “Make An Offer,” or otherwise known as through our PAN (post-auction negotiation) system.

      When an auction ends, it goes to PAN — and remains there, until either relisted at auction or sold. So it’s like an auxiliary catalog listing.

      We just this week added the ability to ‘turn off’ PAN for ended auctions / or to turn off the ability to keep your domain active and open to receiving offers.

      You’re welcome to share the domain in question here, or email me via Domains at Flippa — I’m happy to help you fix this.

      Basically, the long and the short of it is, we’re rolling out easier management of your portfolio in the weeks to come.

      Konstantinos, regarding the bulk-delete — I hear you, and we’re working on that. Stay tuned…

  5. hi Kevin…I actually just did that. The name was Mechanic.me. But I was able to turn off offers for the domain successfully.

    Thanks for the assist. I personally need to know that I can manage things effectively. So this is helpful. Will definitely add to the catalog now:-)

  6. One thing i would like to see w/ the catalog are the domains arranged in alphabetical order. It’s easier for the one looking at it to distinguish between the names, and it’s easier for me to run through the catalog to see what I’ve already listed, opposed to just spamming the submit box w/ domains I may have already added lol.

  7. Travis…I think you just click on the “domain” heading for this. Seemed to work for me just now.

  8. I take that back Travis. Does not seem to be the case. Definitely needs to be added.

  9. Hi Konstantinos (and Teri, and anyone else this may help):

    As a temporary fix to viewing more domains at once in your domain catalog, try adding this to the end of the URL:


    Whereas, “200” can be “50”, “500,” “5000” etc.

    This way, you’ll get everything on one page — and you’ll be able to better-bulk edit and delegate pricing, or delete larger swaths of domains as well.

    An example link looks like this:

    (whereas “xxxxxx” is your catalog ID)

    Hope this helps — please let me know if unclear.

    Of course, a wider fix is coming as soon as possible…

  10. Thanks Kevin:-)…

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