Daily Domain Sales (9-3-2014): Αpps.de €49,999, Drastic.com $11,761, CrazyDeals.com $10k

dailyStill working on the 3 deals I mentioned here. I am still waiting for the buyer to complete the escrow.com transaction. The domain was transferred to Go Daddy but the buyer has not yet changed whois. Go Daddy is one of those few registrars that doesn’t change whois on transferred in domains to reflect the default whois of the Go Daddy account. The 3rd deal is on hold as the buyer went MIA. I think she will resurface…

Sedo announced that apps.de 49,999 EUR was paid as the domain was part of the Great Domains Auction that ended last week at Sedo. Other 4 figure sales include Drastic.com for $11,761 at Go Daddy and CrazyDeals.com for $10,000 at Sedo.

Here are yesterday’s domain sales and auctions:

Sedo Domain Sales:
apps.de 49,999 EUR
crazydeals.com $10,000
tommy.com.br $5,000
tellhealth.com $2,250
thejesusrevolution.com $1,800

Namejet Domain Auctions:

Snapnames Domain Auctions:

Go Daddy Expired Domain Auctions:

drastic.com $11,761
puppydog.com $4,050
weddinglighting.com $1,767
domaindiscounts.com $1,625
artsnet.org $1,525
ticko.com $1,050
p3gconsortium.org $1,025
artpainting.com $1,022
parkingnyc.com $922
haveyouseenhim.com $756
does.org $710
nrgbalance.org $635
libsecondlife.org $540
concur-conferences.org $510
atlsafes.com $502
azminecraft.com $472
christmaswrappingpaper.com $436
websuccessgroup.com $422
onecolor.com $421
xiir.com $415
fivespot-atl.com $405
2sisters.com $405
christmasdecorators.com $393
hebrewbibles.com $353
cardinalis.com $285
andypottstri.com $255
dannyzgames.com $226
tenac.com $220
americanhorsenetwork.com $215
fmbb2014.com $215
paydaycoupons.com $207
goldcrazy.com $202
inciseks.com $181
handmadeornaments.com $177
81915.com $166
t0b.com $165
y3u.com $165
freelandproject.com $165
eventdecorations.com $164
sunmountainfiddler.com $160
duxet.com $157
moosenoose.com $156
statebudgetwatch.org $155
equinesource.com $149
timberline-archery.com $145
gurupromasters.com $142
hotpack.net $141
inspiringlifeathome.com $135
the-backup.com $125
seattleoil.com $125
throwbackland.com $125
gkim.com $123
movievideo4u.com $119
pulplit.com $115
921kmoe.com $114
mysoju.me $111
divinesisteronstage.com $106
qbasicstation.com $106
prague-pensions-hotels.com $105
lewchem.com $105
jayindustries.com $105
talentos.net $105
gamevalues.com $104
ipadtres3.info $101
pghsportswholesale.com $100
homeopathesdumonde.org $95
coleyscorner.com $93
ekranfilm.com $91
ilinker.com $86
rwhy.com $85
swisstgp.com $83
bick-arb.org $75
asarian-host.org $72
extremeballbusters.com $70
ngrj.com $65
yfhq.com $61
modform.org $60
christmascollectables.com $55
iphone5unlocktools.com $55
iphone5unlocktool.com $55
cloudlife.org $55
pupzine.com $53
1lovestore.com $52
chinaccer.com $47
smyrnaoperahouse.com $42
bestlowmortgagerates.com $40

DropCatch Dropped Auctions:
AppleProducts.com $1,030
ParentsChina.com $935
PortableCabins.com $885
GuanjuE.com $653
YouxueWang.com $603
XKRJ.com $470
MortgageInterestCalculator.com $430
AtaChina.com $408
TheDork.com $249
DjAo.com $195
MeGis.com $192
Jamor.com $190
TriosSb.com $104

Flippa Domain Auctions:
Addictively.com $305
obqx.com $150
Psychopharmacologist.com $110


About Konstantinos Zournas

Konstantinos studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London and lives in Athens, Greece. He loves domains and building websites. He is online since 1995, learned about html in 1996 and got into domains in 2002. He started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Did you take a video capture of the transfer process? It will help if you are a seller and the buyer did some mischief

    • Never thought of doing that. Do you mean video capturing the screen as I accept the transfer and release the domain?
      It is interesting.
      Not sure that will help because I will need help from Go Daddy to confirm what account the domain is in.

      • @Konstantinos Zournas, Exactly, If you do take a video capture using any of the free video capture tools of the entire transfer process, even if the buyer in future says, he did not receive the domain, you can show this transfer captured video as proof.

        Recently I made a sales (domain was in godaddy and transferred to buyer’s godaddy account) and completed via escrow. I believe that godaddy sends you confirmation email too.

      • This is a good idea as an extra precaution measure.
        This was a registrar transfer so I have the info from the releasing registrar and the go daddy email that the domain transfer has started.

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