Daily Domain Sales And Auctions (9-1-2014): enpareja.com $5,000, UKMortgage.com $1,725

dailyI am starting a new daily post today. I am going to list all domain name sales and auctions I can find in most of the aftermarkets and auction houses. I hope you will enjoy it. It is also a way for me to write some domain related thoughts and small news I have that don’t make it info a separate post.

After 4-5 non-paying buyers in a 10 day period in August, I finally closed 3 deals in 36 hours before Labor day weekend. I sold a .com for $10k (I am certain it is going to be paid), another .com for $4k (escrow.com transaction closed, wire has not yet arrived to my bank) and a .info for $3.5k (wire has been send to escrow.com). I will post more details when all 3 sales have closed and money is in my bank. Wire transfers and payments have been delayed because of Laber day.

The domain enpareja.com sold for $5,000 at Sedo. Buyer is probably the owner of en-pareja.com that is an active dating website.

It will take me a couple of days to get tuned in to all the auctions but here are yesterday’s domain sales and auctions:

Sedo Domain Sales:
enpareja.com $5,000
oekogas.de 3,800 EUR
vrgate.com $2,000
oesterreich.co 1,000 EUR
casino.org.mx 1,000 EUR

Namejet Domain Auctions:
nc.uk $4,600 (reserve not met)
ln.uk $3,600 (reserve not met)
rk.uk $3,400 (reserve not met)
nc.co.uk $1,655 (reserve not met)
rk.co.uk $1,555 (reserve not met)
ln.co.uk $1,150 (reserve not met)

Snapnames Domain Auctions:

Go Daddy Expired Domain Auctions:

straightscoop.org $170
curiwiki.org $125
columbiacitypaper.com $420
newsmia.com $511
tanabeusa.com $215
thekeyalliance.org $192
k9alliance.com $192
126es.com $110
e1q.com $206
nordenvoyager.com $161
ebikekitshop.com $146
omspress.com $105
ukmortgage.com $1,725
africanamericanopinion.com $188
jpwl.com $234
gbt.net $721
cancun-webs.com $135
xensei.com $405
mypokercorner.com $110
jobmarketing.com $322
imfpc.org $203
hyli.com $610
iraqrailways.com $405
globway.com $145
indepthexploration.com $790
officialbaldwinmotion.com $326
jaredstikararebooks.com $175
elegantcars.com $255
syara.com $680
attic.net $650
yourownsite.com $761

DropCatch Dropped Auctions:
StreamCast.com $3,750
JuqiAnbao.com $1,730
Mapforce.com $1,003

Flippa Domain Auctions:
DomainVisibility.com (portfolio of 500 domains) $10,600 (reserve not met)
eforum.com $2,000 (reserve not met)
PrivateTime.com $600 (reserve not met)


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.

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