Archeo 2nd Quarter Sales:,,

Archeo ( published its 2nd quarter 2014 sales and newsletter: What is a GEO/LOCAL domain?
Archeo is focusing on their US related “GEO/LOCAL” domains and how these domains can help businesses. They also included some fun sales information about the GEO/LOCAL domains that they have sold since launching Archeo.

GEO/LOCAL domains contain a keyword or unique reference to a specific location. From small U.S. towns to international global markets, these domains can represent any category across the globe. They are especially valuable to businesses that operate or offer their products and services exclusively within a specific location. For example, a business focused on selling wines produced only in California may argue that owning a domain such as would be superior to a generic alternative, such as or

All brands – large or small – should always consider and understand how location plays a role in their business.

Recently Sold GEO/LOCAL Domains:|

41% of Q2 Sales were 1 & 2 word domains, 29% were 3 word domains and 30% was other sales.

Recently Sold Domains:


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