RealEstate.Agency sells for about $4,800 and has a $3,600 annual renewal

The domain name was purchased by someone from Texas on the 3rd day of Donuts Early Access Program (EAP) pricing. The domain was registered at Enom for about $4,800. This price includes a $1,200 day 3 EAP fee and the registration fee that for this domain is set at $3,600. That of course is also the annual renewal fee that the buyer will have to pay from now on.

This is probably the most expensive registration/renewal fee that someone has paid so far in New gTLDs. There have been some day 1 EAP purchases for about $12,500 but that is not the renewal fee that these buyers will be paying.

I contacted the buyer and asked him if he knew that the renewal fee would be $3,600 because I had some doubt that end users are familiar with the extreme renewal fees. He replied that he

knew about it and he hadn’t seen any other domain that was so expensive.

When I asked him if he plans to develop or sell he said that he has a “network of friends in the appraisal/real estate business. We are thinking about developing a new startup, using the domain for branding purposes. Selling it is a secondary consideration really.”

I have found other domains that are what I call “ultra premiums” especially in the .domains new gtld here and here.

This time I found some more domains similar to RealEstate.Agency with registration/renewal fees set at $3,600 at Enom or at $5499,99 at GoDaddy! Here are the 3 I found:

All are free and available to register! 🙂


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  1. What if Donuts pushes the renewal price to $5,000 in Year 2, $10,000 in Year 3, $25,000 in Year 4? There is nothing in the terms, and conditions to avoid this. Essentially, all this party could do is renew multiple years at their outrageous rate of $3,600 per year for many years. Better off branding with a .com, than having a stale name like RealEstate.Agency.

  2. Robbie, agreed. Best of luck with him though.

  3. They should have looked in the aftermarkets i.e. SEDO or Godaddy Auctions for domains with real estate agent or agency and could have found alternatives without the steep renewals (I have a couple).

  4. Lease to own category defining .com, would have been a better choice, pretty sure you could pry a domainer for a $5k for 10 year lease to own option, basically same as paying renewals

  5. These will all be worth zero in a few months.

  6. Konstantinos, how do you find this sales?

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