Diet.Expert sells for about $7,500 and has a $4,500 annual renewal

The domain name Diet.Expert was sold for about $7,500 on the 2nd day of Donuts Early Access Program (EAP) pricing. This price includes a $3,000 day 2 EAP fee and the registration fee that for this domain is set at about $4,500 ($5,500 at Go Daddy). That of course is also the annual renewal fee that the buyer will have to pay from now on.

The domain was bought by a company called DIET EXPERT LTD from Dublin Ireland.

I got in the 4th day of EAP and it is a sub $150 premium domain.

I wrote another post a couple of weeks back on how the domain name was purchased by someone from Texas on the 3rd day of Donuts Early Access Program (EAP) pricing. The domain was registered at Enom for about $4,800 and has a $3,600 yearly renewal fee.

These are the 2 most expensive registration/renewal fee that someone has paid so far in New gTLDs. There have been some day 1 EAP purchases for about $12,500 but that is not the renewal fee that these buyers will be paying.

I found some more domains this week similar to Diet.Expert with registration/renewal fees set at $3,000+. Here are the 2 I found that are available: at $3,000+ at $4500+


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  1. My prediction for next year… .guru will have more than half their registrations drop. They got the benefit of being first and got the ‘hype buys’ from domainers. I think across the boards we’ll see big drops. I’ve stopped buying gTLDs myself… there’s just too damn many. I got about 10 to 15 of them I think, and even though each one makes sense I think I’ll struggle in trying to sell them.

  2. Looks like it’s getting more expensive to find the good words at the left of the dot. But it looks like an end-user who has a business plan to make it worth it. I got none in .expert but i do have some in .guru.

  3. I’m not so sure to be honest. Imo we’re only at the very start of this whole story. It has now reached the domainer community, some businesses and a tiny bit of end-users who got word of it. Lets see in about a year when publicity / PR machines are at full power and trends develop. But one thing is for sure, many target a niche, so comparing numbers is just not going to say much on the short term.

  4. sold for $3,xxx on day 3 I think.

  5. is probably taken i take it 🙂 (didn’t check but i’m 99.99 % it is)

  6., that is a good one K…

  7. Schwartz's Anus


    Bwahahah Sold for $7500 ?!

    And with the high renewal cost
    Fictitious “sale” – to drive hype

    LOL – is a parking page & wouldn’t cost 1/2 as much

    Look forward to all the supposed “sales” of new GTLDs

    Just like “sold” for $1 MM

    What a fkin joke all these supposed “sales” are.
    You can’t make this shit up


    • Hi smart ass,
      first of all this was not an “advertised” sale.
      I found out looking at zone files and tracking hundreds of domains and renewal prices.

      I have found about 700 4 and 5 figure sales for New gTLDs these past few months.
      Now you appear out of nowhere and doubt the 700th sale?

      I personally talked to the buyer of RealEstate.Agency that sold for about $4,800 and has a $3,600 annual renewal.
      Have you?

      This is no $1mm sale. These are real everyday and now common sales.
      Unless you have some proof then you simply being an asshole.
      But wait… You are!

      Now try buying for $3,750. I am waiting…

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