Insane Premiums: Domain name Window.Glass has a $5,499.99 renewal

A couple of weeks back I wrote about the Premium domains that are offered by Donuts with renewals that range from $1,000 up to $1,600 depending on the registrar and how these are only suitable for end-users. I coined the term Ultra Premiums for these domains.

Here are a few I found at that time: at $1040 at $1360 at $1000 at $999

Now I found an even more expensive domain name: Window.Glass

Window.Glass has a $5,499.99 renewal price at Go Daddy:

The renewal price is at $4,500 at and at $3,750 at I estimate that the wholesale registry price is at about $3,000.


In case someone thinks that I am wrong, this is not EAP pricing. This is the regular renewal price for the domain name Window.Glass. I will coin the term “Insane” Premiums for this type of domains. I think that not even end-users will register a domain name at this price. Has anyone seen any more of these new gTLD domains?

Window.Glass is available. Anyone interested?


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  1. Gimme some of that stuff they’re smoking over at donuts.

  2. Wow, that’s just unreal.
    Next year all the site’s that feature expired aftermarket domain’s will be flooded.

  3. ” I will coin the term “Insane” Premiums for this type of domains”. – Zournas

    I coined the term “With new gTLDs, Registries are the domainers” at Allemann’s site yesterday..

  4. This brings a whole new meaning to “transparency”…

  5. More insanity – [] $11,250 (

  6. I noticed a significant jump in premium fees for what few quality domains had been left by Donuts during the .training EAP. Although almost all of the most valuable domains, such as and even, had been withheld by Donuts, the few good ones left such as and had annual premium fees that ranged from $800 to $500 a year depending on the registrar. Is there a way to check the fees after the fact or determine which premium domains went unsold for any given domain? ? In recent auctions, many domains are withheld that are not included in the list of blocked second-level domains (SDLs) that are listed on the ICANN website for each domain. ( Really?) They have blown past the reported limit of 100 easily. For .training, Donuts also reserved all but two or three of the single-letter SLDs. (a,b,c,d,…) Many names that were once freely available in earlier rounds such as .guru are now routinely withheld without comment as to later intent.

    The .ceo premium fees are as high as $6,000 a year. It is astonishing.

  7. What a wonderful show! More popcorn please.

  8. its like they want to fail or are so deluded that they think they can milk this for a long time.

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