Secure Domain Foundation fails to register exact match domain:

I posted an article today about the formation of a new organization called the Secure Domain Foundation (SDF). A few minutes later I got a comment informing me that the domains and were sitting there available for anyone to register.

Apparently someone registered the 2 domains today at Enom and the domains are behind whois privacy. It seems the registrant picked the wrong registrar as

Enom is part of the Secure Domain Foundation.

The Secure Domain Foundation is using the domain name as their official website. They bought it last year at Sedo. The price was not published.

Leading experts and companies in the cybersecurity, Internet and Domain Name infrastructure industry announced on March 23, 2014 the formation of the Secure Domain Foundation (SDF), a new, non-profit, community-driven organization devoted to the identification and prevention of Internet cyber crime. It wasn’t until today that I made the post and the domains were immediately registered.

Launched at ICANN’s 49th Public Meeting in Singapore, the SDF is backed by some of the industry’s leading Internet and Domain Name infrastructure companies and organizations including: Facebook, Verizon, Verisign, Enom,, CIRA(.ca), CO Internet(.co), CrowdStrike, the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), Emerging Threats, ESET Anti-Virus, DomainTools, Internet Identity, CoCCA, Mailshell, Blacknight Solutions, Foreground Security, and the SecDev Group.

The Foundation also owns the domain name but not the .com that was registered a few months after their .org.

One would expect that a Domain Foundation with members that include registries, registrars, DomainTools and a few of the largest companies in the world would be more careful about their exact match domain names. But one would be wrong…

Update: I got a message from Demand Media that the domains were registered for the foundation. I guess Aaron’s comment made them aware. Better late than never. Why the privacy whois though? And the domains are not redirecting to the official website. Strange…


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  1. This idiot is going to get blasted, you have a chance, change your whois, and do a delete, and get on with your life.

  2. On a par with the guy who registered

  3. Both are worthless imo.

  4. They are worthless, and you wasted $20 on good faith, not your business to care about their domains. If they need them, they know how to get them, wasted money regardless of the amount.

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