Frank you need to fix this Uniregistry mess here and now!

The .tattoo and .sexy launch made a lot of people angry. The whois problem (that has partially been resolved but I will get to this later) and the fact that most of the good domains were reserved by Uniregistry did not only make domainers and end users angry but also the participating registrars that were caught in the middle.

I just got an email from 101domain about these domain names that were reserved at the last minute called “Important Information Regarding Your Pending .TATTOO or .SEXY Domain Name”:

Dear Konstantinos Zournas,

You are receiving this email because you currently have a pending .TATTOO or .SEXY domain name order with

You may have noticed that General Availability started on Tuesday, February 25, and your .TATTOO or .SEXY domain name is still in the ?Processing? status in your 101domain account panel.

Shortly before the General Availability launch started, the Registry that manages these domain extensions decided to withhold and reserve certain domain names. Currently the Registry is in the process of making a decision on whether they will release these names soon, sometime in the future or ever. Until this decision is final, we are not cancelling your orders. We hope to hear from the registry within 1-2 weeks and will update you at that time.

If you would prefer to cancel your order now, please submit a support ticket in your 101domain account panel requesting the cancellation and refund.

Best Regards,

So it seems that the domains were actually reserved at the last minute and that Uniregistry has not yet made a decision on if and when the domains will be released. So now I have to spend more of my time to contact 101domain support to cancel my pre-registration.

Sorry Frank but I can’t wait 1 or 2 weeks. You need to fix this here and now.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Frank’s reputation is now next to zero. Hard to earn, easy to lose.

  2. @Kosta – The email is not indicative of what’s going at Uniregistry currently. The email’s language is inaccurate.

    I got the same email from for a domain that was pending for two days (hand registration attempt) – it was already taken that same day by another person via eNom, minutes apart. I can provide you with the domain in question, if you want.

    I don’t see any glitches with the WHOIS currently, as I reported: reserved domains show as “reserved”, not as available. Domains that are on the tm block list don’t get registered, I tried it with eNom and I was not charged, the registration simply failed.

    My previous comment was directed at this ‘Mike’ character, one of the few trolling haters on various blogs. You should really block these, as I and others do.

    • Theo I don’t know what is going on at Uniregistry.
      I know what is happening to my funds. They are stuck.

      The domain name I pre-ordered at 101domain gives me this whois now:
      >>> This name is not available for registration:
      >>> Registry reserved name for .tattoo

      So it was not registered by someone else.

      Here is one glitch:
      Whois result:
      >>> No match for “”;

    • Trolling hater, yeah… I am blocked just and only on your site, Mr. Right.

  3. “…and the fact that most of the good domains were reserved by Uniregistry.”

    In the financial markets, this is known as ‘front-running’ – and it’s illegal. I guess that concept doesn’t matter to the registrars of these gtlds. They’re happy to leave others with the crumbs. And they’re wondering why domainers are convinced that this whole program is doomed to fail?

  4. Lets be frank (I know, I crack myself up); these names will be released on March 8th, when the real marketing begins for the two TLDs, just in time for Uniregistrar.

    Uniregistry gave the deliberate impression that there would be no front running. Maybe they hoped that the premium names being pulled at the last minute would give the impression of rarity, leading to a feeding frenzy on the mid range names by eager domainers. This would get some numbers on the board whilst allowing Uniregistry to get maximum benefit from the marketing in the near future. The premiums would then be sold to new end users or domainers, the latter now owning twice as many as they would have initially liked.

    Domainers? They can be left holding the not so premium baby. It’s only money.

  5. I only see negativity and ignorance – and abundant trolling (“front-running”? Good one!) – from those that have no interest in the new namespace and don’t even understand how things work.

    Save your energy fellas, for the long tail whatchamacallit .com’s and the endless circle-jerk sessions about how $350 million in investments (ICANN fees alone) will go down the toilet. When your investment is zero, your feedback value matches that of your investment.

    Had the Internet started with a bunch of Debbie Downers being around, we’d still be on a BBS at 300 baud. I know, I was there.

    • Acro, you have a history of calling people names or the crutch “anonymous” as if it matters if the poster’s name is Bob or Batman. This happens when you make a post and somebody comes along and makes a better point, you can’t handle it.

      “You should really block these, as I and others do.”

      Well, you also have closed threads in your section DNForum on new gtlds, when they didn’t lap them up. You also don’t let thru posts on your own blogs, when you post ridiculous stuff. Like being a good idea when is a live site. It’s dumb for people try to build on situations like that. So, it’s not only trolls you ban, it’s also people who aren’t fans of the new gtlds.

      At this point, you’re just embarrassing yourself out on the blogs.

      • Until you provide a name and web site, you are a ghost in the machine. I can handle just about anything, but not sheer idiocy, and trolls.

        Apparently you didn’t want to show up on DNForum when I asked you to come forward and argue eponymously. Whether you like what I do or not, I don’t really care. Unless you can prove to me that you are better in what I do – and I don’t do pissing contests, especially with unworthy trolls.

        At this point, you’re just becoming an air pollutant in digital form, and future fodder for my posts.

      • Thanks for proving my point. Bringing up points is not trolling. But closing threads on DNForum and not letting posts go thru is reflective on you. You can’t handle disagreement. This isn’t news for anybody that’s ever read a domain blog. Like I said, nothing but name calling from you. Better at what you do? What, write unfunny blog posts? Be a commercial for the registries? You’re right, you’re the best at that.

      • Jonathan – Adam Dicker graciously allows me to maintain a DNForum subforum to post; if that doesn’t find you in agreement, perhaps you need to take your issues with Adam. I handle eponymous arguments just fine. To assault me or disparage me without a face, will only unleash my other side. So instead of playing the victim, realize that whatever I do on my time, is per my own rules. Now, hope to hear from you on DNForum, so that I can praise your achievements and debates in the appropriate context.

      • Acro, not true at all. You don’t want to have debates on it. Like I said, you locked 2 threads on the forum. How is anybody supposed to post in a locked thread? That doesn’t make much sense. On your blog? How, when you filter it to suit your position. If were truly serious about having a conversation on the gtlds, you’d have an open one. Luckily, there are other quality blogs out there that let both sides have their say.

      • I agree with Jonathan. Acro is a cry baby who censured his blogs and blocks opinions with which he disagrees. Who cares, though. He will go down with the gtld ship. Shouldn’t take long. Glub, glub, glub.

      • Everyone agrees with Jonathan.

        Acro – How about shut down your blog? Nobody will miss it. What a pain to know true, right? You don’t think so? Shut it down and you will find out. It is that simple…

  6. Strange.

    You’re commenting on a thread where most of the people have clearly indicated that they have bought a number of these domains, yet you dismiss their legitimate criticism on account of them being luddites who aren’t supporting the new TLDs?

    Just because something is new and right, doesn’t give those involved the right to treat enthusiastic customers like mugs. And that is what has just happened here.

    • @Steve – I clearly referenced those that troll about the gTLDs being a failure, or a stunt, or something ‘doomed to fail’, along with making commentary about Frank’s character.

      Those that simply didn’t get the domains they wanted, due to glitches or to random factors such as the inability of the registrar of choice to fulfill their order, are not luddites by any means. But for goodness sake’s, it’s only one gTLD out of dozens that are coming up, if you’re bitter about it now, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like down the road.

      • It only takes one gTLD to make all seem bad.

        And it only takes one locked payment to make people mad. Or one .whois “glitch”.
        My .tattoo domain order being locked has nothing to do with the inability of 101domain to register the domain. My domain is reserved by Uniregistry.

        The fact is that Uniregistry was not ready for this launch and the paying customers are the only suffering because of this.

  7. This blog post is link bait and hate.

  8. “I only see negativity and ignorance – and abundant trolling (“front-running”? Good one!)”


    There’s no greater shill for this program (and your friend Frank) than you. You should spend more time listening to others (…who, btw, weren’t even addressing you), and less time publishing blog posts that consistently express your bottomless pit of arrogance.

    The moment people have a legitimate criticism, you brand them as negative. Yet 90% of your blog posts contain condescending comments about this or that person or topic.

    I’ve been a domain investor since 1997, and am a trademark lawyer licensed in 4 U.S. jurisdictions. What credentials do you possess that would give domainers comfort that you know …anything at all?

    • @Gene – I didn’t know I need your permission, or personal approval in order to comment on a subject that clearly affects how users, investors, and even your fellow legal experts find important. I understand that you might not like to be told about how references to “front running” that you quoted are ludicrous statements that reek of small town envy. I believe we haven’t met, and I don’t know who you are without a full name and a web site to back up your experience or business status, but that won’t stop me from being objective in my objections about your statements. I suggest, that you take up any ‘beef’ you have with Uniregistry, or Frank in person, to a context where you can address these concerns privately and professionally; instead of disparaging me as a ‘shill’ or flaunting some questionable credentials. If you disagree with my approach, my email is available to discuss any disagreements that require substance and gray matter vs. attacks on other people’s business.

      • Maybe not a good idea to hijack, and insult the readership of someone else’s blog. Having a tantrum, at every negative comment, will ultimately lead to people just ignoring you, and your sponsors will soon follow, if you insult their end customers.

        Konstantinos is someone who works hard to provide current, and unbiased information pertaining to the world of domains. His blog brings awareness to many issues, that are brought into the forefront due to being exposed on a public forum.

        If nobody spoke up, nothing would change. There are dozens of people stating they were having issues with .tattoo, and .sexy registrations at the open of the registry, yet you were in some sort of trance, starting everything was fine.

        We can all see you are loyal to your sponsors but you are not doing them any justice, by playing the fool to the understandable glitches that can occur when launching such a big undertaking as your own extension, people understand, they adapt, and move on, no big deal.

      • Ryan – If Kostantinos, a fellow Greek, has any problem with what I write and how I respond to other comments, rest assured that he will tell me so, and I will respect any such request. To claim that I am hijacking a blog simply because I disagree on part of the issue here, is childish at best.

        I can also say that your statement of me stating that everything was fine, when it wasn’t, is false; I faced no problems during pre-registration and my research addressed the issues during my attempts (successful or not) to register domains. I also assisted others by showing that some registrars, such as, had no problems getting their lists through.

        In the end, it’s all about whether we want to waste time bickering. My biggest issue, is with those that have no faith in gTLDs *and* choose to disrupt the flow of those that want to participate in this.

        Problems are typically resolved by communication, and in the case of failed registrations the issue is more complex than just crying ‘foul’ at Frank.

        Lastly, I don’t work for Frank, though I follow his company closely – and he’s not a sponsor. I promote anyone as I see fit, through my personal writings and blogs. I hope I made that clear.

    • Love your post but your talking to deaf ears. Been there done that. Your can’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed person

  9. Acro,

    Every time someone has a beef with Uniregistry you jump in and fight their fight, People can be disgusted with what’s going on and still believe in the new gTLDs. There is not a person in the world besides yourself that doesn’t think this is a giant mess for Uniregistry. Even the registrars are calling them out. Save your energy and let this thing play out without answering every negative post. Again this is not a for or against argument. This is a wrong versus right and even Frank will admit it did not go well….eventually. Everyone will forget it and move on. But your reputation may not be intact at the rate you’re playing this game when it does

    • Shane – I’ve been vocal for 46 years, two more than you 😀 And that won’t change now, my friend. I have my own vision and logic and it involves eggs. Yours involves chickens. There’s no right or wrong, and it you’re not willing to understand what I stand for, the best way to do so is look in the mirror: you are as unique as I am.

    • Shane,
      You should follow your own advice…”But your reputation may not be intact at the rate you’re playing this game when it does”

  10. @Jonathan – I’ve ran out of nested quotes, so I will continue here.

    Maybe you didn’t understand what I said: the subforum is to advertise the DG posts, and manage it as I see fit. I allow basic commentary that drives traffic. I could lock the threads from the get-go, so that no comments were allowed.

    On the other hand, DG is an electronic publication that I operate as I see fit: I don’t filter comments just for disagreeing with what I write. Personal attacks, “this sucks” type responses, and comments without verifiable emails get trashed. You aren’t obligated to visit, and I am not going to force you to visit. Apparently, you don’t like what I like, period, hence the keyboard bravado here. I’ve dealt with such attitude since 1994, so no big deal.

    Now, if you want a discussion to unfold, do share what gTLDs you registered. It’s as if we need badges to decide who’s for and who’s against gTLDs. I used to be against, I changed my mind 18 months ago.

  11. @acro people are entitled to an opinion regardless of who they are or their business credentials,maybe stop to think about the many people like myself who do this as a hobby or interest,who have a full time job and maybe do not want their personal details spread across the net, personally,having read your replies ,I would not trust or want you to have my personal details so you could try and pick me apart online in front of the world because you believe I do not have credentials that are up to your standard.
    I suspect there are many in the domain world like myself who do this for a bit of fun and to make a little cash on the side if we can,to be called a troll and that our opinions are worthless for not providing you with our contact details is a little arrogant imo,yes there are many trolls and idiots online but it is up to us to pick through their idiotic comments and see the genuine ones that may provide an objective point that we hadn’t considered.

    I like reading blogs that are objective,neutral and informative to help me make decisions, for the record I am on the fence with these new GTLDs, i will probably reg a few,but articles like this help me have all the facts about what is going on and make an informed decision.

    I am not having a go at you here, merely trying to help you understand your readership demographic, we are not all Frank or Rick many of us don’t have websites and quite like it that way,I can’t speak for others but if they are anything like me ,your tone and aggressive posts put me off engaging in a debate or offering opinions on domaining matters.

    As i said, nothing personal and i am not having a go, just felt I had to let you know how you come across to me.

    • Bob – Very well stated. I respect your explanation and hopefully the understanding is mutual; I don’t believe I’ve addressed you personally and that’s an obvious problem with not knowing which ‘Bob’ or ‘Mike’ I’m conversing with.

      When things heat up in online conversations, it’s because I am passionate about anything I’m involved in; I want to see people succeed in business and in life. I am a positive thinker and I despise negativity, it’s what keeps progress from happening. It’s exactly the same vibes I project from my personal blog. And yes, I’m guilty as charged, I’m an alpha type personality online, I haven’t changed in 20 years. I do appreciate other people’s opinions and statements, we all have individual structures to work with. Just don’t step on my big toe LOL 😀

      Perhaps we should be a bit more forgiving when visionaries like Frank fail to deliver 100% because overall they end up delivering past that point once the issues get ironed out.

      • You’re missing the point acro.
        The primary issue here isn’t a glitch or teething problems. Uniregistry pulled a bunch of names from the registries the night before GA after allowing all involved to pre-register them. This was compounded bythe Whois glitch.

        I have perhaps a dozen that are in limbo. You needn’t concern yourself about my well being with future TLDs.

        Uniregistry have been shoddy.

      • Acro, good to see you take this on board. Passion is great, but don’t let it stop you from taking in a broad range of views.

    • Bob, great comments.

  12. I am actually a Bob!, no nom de plume here!,Nothing wrong with passion and like yourself i do not like negativity,but sometimes we can be so passionate and believe so much in what we are doing we are too close to the issue ,that we dismiss the legitimate constructive criticism as nonsense,granted, given the amount of idiotic comments online it can be easy to lump everybody in the same boat and dismiss the legitimate concerns but despite the problems and concerns with UniRegistry i don’t think any normal thinking person can deny what Frank has done up to this point .
    I am sure it will sort itself out eventually, it’s pretty much a new dawn and will be a little trial & error for everyone up to this point.

    Thanks for the reply anyway,i am glad you took the post as it was meant.


  13. Thank you for the article. Its great and honest and clever people really appreciate.
    I understand it can be difficult to write articles like this because those rubbish, only money concentrated guys… will jump on you.
    This is week I have seen two great and objective articles on domain blogs (first one was on domainincitecom, ” Disapponiting .sexy lunch shows…” the second one, of course, this one.

    Please do not fight with Acro. Everyone who has been for some time in domaining knows that that guy is simply a servant with emotional problems.
    Do you really want to waste time on guy like this?
    Come on! Just ignore him he does not deserve your attention.
    When I see Acro I do not read a comment etc I recommend you to do the same.

    • Good comments Adam

      This can really be summed up as:

      Narcissistic personality disorder

      There is no real treatment, other than talking it out, and understanding the symptoms.

  14. Ok people just calm down. Please everybody take a break.
    This is not about Theo (Acro) or anything personal.
    This is strictly about business.
    Thank you.

  15. @Konstantinos, is not this your record post when it comes to comments? Thanks for letting all of us to discuss our opinions so openly. I very appreciate that!

  16. If you go to “End User “Generosity” article you will see whos comments people do not like most.
    Acro cannot catch simple thing that people do not like, appreciate his arrogant opinions, his writing etc

  17. I am in the same boat as Bob – domaining is a side venture for me. I spent a few hours carefully pre-ordering .sexy domains, only to feel that that time was completely wasted as we were never intended to have access to those domains in the first place. It feels misleading, at the very least. Donuts was upfront and clear about their domain reservations and their launches seemed to go off without a hitch, so I feel that also puts Uniregistry in a bad light in comparison. It also shows that this has nothing to do with the new gTLDs and more to do with a single registry.

    What could have really softened the blow, and furthermore put Uniregistry in a much more positive light, is to have been honest with us ( post-launch). They posted no statements or pr releases until much later. On Twitter, all posts were positive and upbeat, as if nothing was wrong. The right thing to do would have been to immediately release a statement explaining that they reserved the domains, that they apologize, that they will be much more transparent on future launches, etc – just be honest with us and don’t make it seem like you are hiding something from your customers. Honesty goes a long way.

    In business class, one of the classic cases everyone learns is how Johnson & Johnson greatly boosted their reputation after people had died from cynaide-tainted Tylenol. The company was very quick to recall all Tylenol bottles and disseminate warnings not to consume Tylenol, at a great cost to them. The company came back stronger because of how they handled the incident. I think that Uniregistry could have done the same, rather than leaving us in complete limbo.

    On a side note – I did contact Uniregistry right away to find out what was going on, and my message was and is still being completely ignored. That didn’t help me feel any better either.

    I hope that the next launch goes well.

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