Donuts starts using it’s own DPML block

I was going through this week’s zone files an I noticed a change in how Donuts, a registry with about 300 new gTLD applications, treats it’s own trademark registration for the mark “Donuts”.

In the first 21 new gTLDs Donuts registered all 21 donuts.newgtld domain names such as and

In the last 4 new gTLDs Donuts started using its own DPML block. So Donuts got registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse, which they paid, and then they got the DPML block for free.

These 4 domains are now blocked:

I am not sure why they did this. Is it to free up 1 place of the 100 domains that are allowed by ICANN to use? The only problem with a DPML block is that any other trademark holder with the same mark (donuts in this case) can come and unblock a domain and register it.

The first 21 donuts.newgtld domains are currently redirecting to


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  1. You would think they would want the money, oh well, I think this weeks numbers are going to be very weak. They have others coming onto the scene now, taking money a day early. Plus this weeks selections do not seem very exciting, most of the good names are extreme premium, or already snatched up by Berkens.

  2. “Donuts” is a generic and dictionary word; nobody can own donuts term or word. Even cops that eats lots of donuts; they could not stop other people that aren’t cops NOT to eats donuts. The word “Donuts” was born, before domains extension was even created! MY GOD GIVE THE WORLD A BREAK?

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