General Availability Starting Today: .construction, .contractors, .directory, .kitchen, .land, .technology, .today

Donuts entered general availability for the following 7 New gTLDs today: .construction, .contractors, .directory, .kitchen, .land, .technology and .today.

You can register a (.construction, .contractors, .directory, .kitchen, .land, .technology and .today) domain name using the Donuts EAP that is available in registrars that sell Donuts gTLDs. EAP prices start at about $12,500 and are lowered within the course of the week until they reach the regular registration cost after the 7 day period.

Go Daddy’s early access prices are $12,539.99 for day one, $3,164.99 for day two, $1,239.99 for day three, $689.99 for day four and $189.99 for days five to seven. After day seven the regular registration cost applies.

The Donuts Early Access Program (EAP) is designed for registrants who want to secure relevant, memorable domain names the instant they’re available. The EAP takes the place of a traditional landrush for all Donuts gTLDs.

Interested individuals, organizations, businesses and others can register names on a first-come, first-served, non-restricted basis. In addition, this program allows brand owners the opportunity to obtain non-trademark domain names to help promote and protect brands, register authoritative terms for their industries, or simply get an interesting and usable Internet identity.

Early access registrations are available for the first seven days of a gTLD’s general availability.  EAP commences today at 16:00 UTC (11:00 a.m. US Eastern Standard Time) and ends in a week from now, also at 16:00 UTC. Each week a series of Donuts gTLD launches, EAP will begin at 16:00 UTC on Wednesday and close at 16:00 UTC the following Wednesday.

More are on the way. In fact, Donuts will open several gTLDs each week for most of 2014.

As a reminder, each gTLD’s general availability is preceded by a 60 day process known as Sunrise, when trademark holders are able to secure their trademarked terms.  Once this phase is completed, the gTLD is open for anyone to register names.  Registrations are available only through accredited domain name registrars — you can find a complete and regularly updated list of registrars that sell Donuts gTLDs here.

General Availability Calendar

January 29

February 5

February 12

February 19

February 26

Entering Sunrise

January 28

February 4

February 11

February 18


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Yawn…it will never end they will be printing extensions, like the mint prints money, inflation…

  2. The only good ones in here are:

    You can see how easy it is to make a mistake with this.

  3. Some “premiums” from the feb 5 were supposdd to be available for hand reg today. They realized some were available and are trying to “pull” them back. Scam,scam scam.

  4. Thurston Howell III

    @BT and @KZ:

    Are you guys messing with us? Are you two seriously going to call a 10 to 12 character tld “good”? In what bizzaro universe?

    And I thought .INFO, .JOBS, .NAME and .MOBI, .COOP, .TRAVEL and .MUSEUM were all long! Face it. No one is EVER going to use any of these. The new ones will unquestionably suffer the same fate as all the rest.

    I am embarrassed to predict this since it seems so incredibly obvious, but all of these will surely fail. Only question in my mind is how long it will take.

  5. @S

    I would be very interested to know which domains the registry took back, or are you talking about godaddy taking back domains, which they mixed up and reassigned to accounts last week?

  6. @Thurston Howell III

    Nailed it! I totally agree. The gtld’s are gonna sink fast than the damaged SS Minnow.

    Regards to Lovey.

  7. Domainers are on a level playing field with the end users, donuts is charging sky high reg fees, and premium prices, the registars are marking everything up like a rodeo drive shop, who is going to be left holding the ball in the majority of these sub 10k regestries?

    I think there greed will be their downfall, nobody wants to pay premium prices for premium keywords, these guys were full of themselves when they stated they were trying to bring more domains to the marketplace for end users, they are just making it more expensive for the end user.

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