Sunrise registration results for .technology, .construction,etc(Johnson&Johnson buys 81 .technology domains)

I checked out the zone files from 7 new gTLDs that completed sunrise and went into general availability yesterday (Early Access Program (EAP)) and here are the results. I must say that zone files only include domain names that have nameservers assigned. Registered domains with no nameservers don’t enter the zone files.

Number of domain name registrations:
.construction 82
.contractors 90
.directory 57
.kitchen 110
.land 40
.technology 374
.today 89

The .technology New gTLD is leading all others by quite a margin. From past sunrise results only .clothing had more domain name registrations with 561.

It appears that technology related companies are more informed on the New gTLDs.

Here are some notes on sunrise registrations:

There was the occasional sunrise registration using a questionable trademark like this for

Johnson & Johnson bought 22 .today domains and 81 .technology domain names such as:

German pharmaceutical company Merck KGaA continues buying junk like Why? Probably to stop the other Merck Pharmaceutical from registering these domains. Waste of money if you ask me.

Other companies wasting money include:

All domain name registered at Mark Monitor Inc.

Other famous companies buying new gTLDs (sample domains):









W.W. Grainger, Inc.:


Home Depot:


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. The New G’s are for real. …Internet history happening right now…The telephone used to have a cord, the car had a crank starter in the front, the computer was attached to a desk and soon we will say, “the internet used to be dominated by com, net and org”……..

  2. Where are the zone files posted online?

  3. I look at these as a form of charity, from these giant corporations to these gTLD hustlers.

    If these companies are serious, I want to see some switching going on.

    I want to see Microsoft abandon dot com, let it drop, and become Microsoft.Kitchen or whatever.

    I want to see Yahoo drop their dot com, and move to

    Same goes for Apple, HomeDepot, all of them.

    Until they do that, I don’t want to read this type of news anymore. I will stop clicking these stories Zournas.

      • ComputerTechnology is parked in every possible extension, you were willing to pay $12K for this, reality check, you will be out of cash, by the end of the month.

        I know we have big dreams to develop this stuff, but in reality, never happens, and if it does, most likely you put more into it, than you get out of it.

        Essentially you are paying 4 figures for domains, and adding 3 figure renewals, your burn rate, based on an aftermarket that does not turnover as of current, the math cannot work. End users will be more fickle than ever, as they have endless options, if they are going the gtld route, you better bet your bottom dollar, they will pay more than you have paid to the registries.

        Everyone of us deals with end user offers on a daily basis, and the majority scoff at 4-5 figure offers.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. Although, I am a gambler. A cowboy with no course. I don’t recommend everyone to step up to the table I play at and ride the trails I walk…………..

    • Domenclature,
      These companies will not replace the .com. However, they will use these domains in specific marketing campaigns to maximize the target demographics. An example being will be used in one campaign and used in another. Consider the New G’s as a replacement to the hash tag and not the .com and you may have a new outlook.

      • @Aaron Strong,

        First, congratulations on your recent flip, do you mind giving fuller detail on that sale of new gTLD? Did you get the full $1000 list price, or was an offer made to you by the buyer? Have you been paid? How much did you pay for the domain? Was it a cash transaction, or barter with another name? Did you finance any part of it? Did you split the escrow fees, if escrow was involved, in short how much did you net from the deal? Have you sold any other new gTLDs since then? How many new gTLDs do you own now in total? Are you planning on buying more within the month or two? Is the buyer a regular Domainer? Who is it, if you can name names; if no NDA involved, please shed some more light of things not covered above.

        Thanks in advance.

      • That is way too much information for me to post for a domain that I way undersold for only $1000. I am learning the New G’s and regret the price at only $1000. I would be more than happy if the buyer backs out at any moment, but I keep my word. While I go through an unusually slow sales process, my time is being spent on things like Computer.Technology…. Some things are time sensitive and some things are not.

      • Wow: Computer.Technology
        Was that $1,239.99 or it was a premium?

      • Thanks!!! I am super excited!……I had been watching it and it got pulled right before launch. I was ready to possibly pay 12,000 and it showed not available. Yesterday it showed not available at 3500 and sure enough I tried again today and it gave me some Valentines love…I got it at todays rate around 1500….I have had my eye on this one for some time and I can’t really explain the domain being pulled off the market and put back today, but I will take the nugget home to Momma…lol…..

  4. Konstantinos,

    These “Zone Files” updates are very interesting. I find myself living on waiting for your informational posts. Thank you. If you have a schedule for these “Zone Files” please let me know so I can take a…based on recent comments It’s beginning to sound like I need may need a break….lol…

  5. These companies have essentially no choice to protect their assets from squatters, I doubt any of these domains get used. They do not pay the same rates as a regular customer from I am aware of.

  6. ” I would be more than happy if the buyer backs out at any moment, but I keep my word. While I go through an unusually slow sales process, my time is being spent on things like Computer.Technology…”

    @Aaron Strong,

    Are you saying that the sale is still in progress, actually a “slow sales process”, that in fact, you have not been paid?

    We have to know who bought it, to eliminate the possibility of “those interested in promotion of sales” in any particular TLD; you’ll be doing a great service to all domainers. Please give as much information as you can. As you know, you caused quite a frenzy with that sale. Oh, how unfair it’d be for to hold back. I have confidence that you will answer some of these in your next comment.

    Thanks again.

    • “Are you saying that the sale is still in progress, actually a “slow sales process”, that in fact, you have not been paid?”…. No I have not been paid as of 2-14-2014

      “We have to know who bought it”…. If that person chooses to come forward than we will address that. Then you can eliminate any possibility of “those interested in promotion of sales”.

      “As you know, you caused quite a frenzy with that sale”…..I have learned not to underprice valuable domains and I apologize to the other investors for establishing a low base value. Again, I apologize to them for that.

      “Oh, how unfair it’d be for to hold back.”….I am not holding back. I hold my head high. I would never have a reason to hold back……….This isn’t TMZ so let’s get back to work…….

    • When it’s sold you will know.
      Whois would be updated.

  7. No, I think it’s more of a case of he who laughs last didn’t get the joke. Aaron, I truly believe you are totally wasting your money. Domains that end with .crap will never be of any use to anyone.

    .Construction, with 12 letters? Get real. When I see a Fortune 500 actually use one of these I will take note. Until then, it is .Museum regurgitated.

    Don’t confuse defensive brand registration with demand. They are two separate things.

    • Jimmie Johnson, the Nascar champion, was asked “why are you so good?” He said he has the ability to adjust or change to current conditions. He adjusts for wind, track conditions, equipment etc……… I have done the same with my domain investing strategy and as an Entrepreneur first, domain investor second, I am adjusting to the current conditions……

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