2014 Super Bowl Commercial Domain Names: The good (cure.com), the bad (got2getfios.com) and the funny

Seattle Seahawks were the big winners in Super Bowl 2014. Super Bowl maybe over but the domain names that were featured in the TV commercials live on: The good (cure.com), the bad (got2getfios.com) and the funny (comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com)!

It’s no surprise the commercials were dominated by .com domain names with the occasional .org: Scientology.org. There were a lot of Twitter # but these were used mostly by companies that don’t use websites to make direct sales like Bud beer. When a URL wasn’t used it was safe to bet that the company’s domain name was Company.com.

Probably the best domain name was cure.com. Owned by an Auto Insurance this is a perfect use of a premium keyword domain name.

The domain, registered in 1995, was sold to Cure Auto Insurance in September 2009 by a Californian company name “Epicenter Communications, Inc.”.

Epicenter Communications own many other spectacular health related domain names such as Heal.com, Disease.com, Orthopedics.com and Geriatrics.com. The company registered all domain names on a single day: on the 4th of April 1995.

The worst domain in any of the commercials was got2getfios.com from Verizon. The domain name redirects to an even worse URL: campaign.verizon.com/fiosfootballgirl/.

The domain got2getfios.com was registered in 2012. It is a mystery why verizon doesn’t use a URL such as verizon.com or verizon.com/fios. And of course why not use getfios.com that Verizon owns since 2004?

Fios.com is taken by the “fios internet oracular society”. All that is written on their website is: “If you don’t know where to go from here then you’re in the wrong place”.

And of course the funniest domain name was comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com. Not because it is long but because “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is an American comedy web series by comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The domain was registered in 2011.

The domain name may be long but they also got a few shorter alternatives:
comediansincars.com (forwards to official facebook page)
comediansgettingcoffee.com (forwards to official website)

My favorite SuperBowl commercial was the Chrysler ad featuring legend Bob Dylan. Sorry Coke and Pepsi:


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