DomainNameSales: brokers average $15,000 per sale, new minimum commission at $175

Effective February 15th will charge a minimum commission of $175 per sale. This means that any domain under the $1400 threshold will be charged at $175 instead of the 12.5% commission.

Also on February 28th will be the launch date of the new registrar at that will offer com, net, org, all material CCTlds and all relevant new GTLDs under one roof.

Finally, DomainNameSales has a team of 19 brokers in Grand Cayman. On average, the 19 brokers spend 4 hours on each closed deal and the average sale price is in the vicinity of $15,000 per sale.

Here is the complete DomainNameSales announcement:

Happy New Year! This is going to be a year of monumental change for us all. Firstly, in regard to DNS, The DNS platform is unique because it lets you self-broker your sales, and negotiate via the DNS iPhone app. You can set buy-it-now prices on all of your low value (under $1500) domain names and directly field inquiries with preset email templates via your iPhone while you’re on the mountain, at the beach or in your car (hopefully in the passenger seat). : ) You can also insert any broker you choose (on leads generated from your own domains), and we sincerely thank all our customers who have chosen DNS to act as their broker.

We have a team of 19 brokers here in Grand Cayman and we realize what our strengths are. Selling names is hard work. On average, our brokers spend 4 hours on each closed deal. Our average sale price is in the vicinity of $15,000 per sale. Effective February 15th we will need to charge minimum commissions of $175 per sale. If you have domain names that are very low priced (under $1500), you can continue to sell them yourself without charge, but if you require DNS to take phone calls, do manual work and hand-hold your low price deals to completion we will need to apply this minimum charge.

On February 28th we will be launching our new registrar at The birth of our registrar will usher in a fleet of positive changes for you. In the near future, Uniregistry customers will be able to sell their names (of all prices) at lower cost. As a Uniregistry preferred customer you will be able to create payment plan sales on your premium names at DNS, just as I do.. You will be able to use our credit card merchant services to sell (or finance) your domain names with instant completion (no escrow required). Uniregistry intends to offer com, net, org, all material CCTlds and all relevant new GTLDs under one roof. You will be able to safe-keep all your names in one easy to use management interface. This is not a light registrar. We have been working on Uniregistry for a long time and hope it will be the best funded, most registrant centric new registrar offering, ever.

We have additional changes in the works to allow you to profit from your relationship with us and intend to roll those out in the coming months.

I?m looking forward to serving you beginning Feb 28th.

Thanks sincerely, Frank.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.

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  1. I have three domains listed on Godaddy for sale. and another that I am thinking of listing The first three are $5000 and under. The fourth that is not listed has a $96,000 appraisal fee. I am thinking of listing them on here. What are your commissions? I have already turned down 35K for the expensive domain that is not listed. What is your average turn around? Please do not use my email for any marketing purposes or sell it to anyone.

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