New Afternic Commission and Pricing Structure (minimum BIN is now $50)

afternicAfternic just announced a new commission and pricing structure that aims to make things simpler.

This is what Afternic wants to achieve:

Reduce time spent in pending review, domains are listed immediately after passing the required integrity checks
Reducing commissions on higher-priced sales to increase your earnings
Lowering minimum sales price and minimum offer amounts so you can list more domains and earn more money

They are also taking the guesswork out of promoting your domains. Domains with fast-transfer enabled are promoted through the Afternic Premium Network automatically. Domains without fast-transfer are placed in the Afternic Standard Network.

Know that you can always list a domain without fast-transfer and then enable fast-transfer later. When you do, it jumps from the Standard Network to the Premium Network, which includes 8 of the top 10 registrars, gives you the broadest reach, and exposes your domain to over 75 million monthly search queries.

Afternic also wants fees to be simple and straightforward, so they’re now based on your domain sale price. The three commission tiers look like this:

Sale price of domain Commission fees
$0-$5,000 20% ($15 minimum)
$5,000-$25,000 $1,000 +15% of amount over $5k
$25,000+ $4,000 + 10% of amount over $25k

To help you list and sell more domains inventory, Afternic lowered its minimum sales prices. The buy now minimum is only $50 (versus $250), and the minimum offer amount decreases to only $20 (from $250).

These changes take place in Early April for the new listings. In the next [3-4] weeks, Afternic will be converting existing listings over.

Note: If you have domain names currently listed in the Network Promotion, they’ll continue to be listed for sale, but the commission rate is changing per the table above.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I think the fees are extraordinarily high.
    A clear example
    Domains are the sum of 5000 is more profitable than one of 5500, we must make changes to the commissions are not left with all funds.
    Is Incredible industry supports these are fueled and especially the number Recorder 1. We will have to change something, but the next one will give us a ticket to see the movie Birdman.

    • 20% might be high but that you say about the $5000 sale and the $5500 sale is not correct.
      A $5000 sale has a $1000 fee or 20%. A $5500 fee has a 20% fee for the first $5000 and 15% for the next $500. That is $1075 instead of $1100 if it was 20% for the whole $5500.

  2. So basically doubling the commission rate from the 10%, majority of transactions are in the $100-$5000 range.

    Well played Godaddy, nice spin

  3. Guess we might be seeing loads of $4,999 prices :O

  4. Ridicously high fees compared to all the other traditional sectors (an compared in particular to the amount of work they do: take a sales man for instance, many of them never ever have 20% of the price for them and they visit customers,they spend high amount of time and money to do that etc., only to mention an example. it’s the same comparing this industry with all the other businesses out there (you will come to the same conclusion even considering the usual bank’s fees…).

    They not even reach out prospect customers by phone.

    Their 20% fee should be MAX 5%.

  5. Just removed all my domains from Afternic. I encourage you to do the same. Greed sucks.

  6. which is best site to sell domains> i have over 200. flippa is scam, so is goddaddy annual and premium auctions, no bids despite sev relists./..and it’s a pain manual list of each seq and confirm. please help…godaddy hostgator big rock uniregistry scammed me big time and yahoo earlier since 2004

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