Agreed Escrow, Inc. Launches Online Escrow Service at

California-based Internet escrow agent, Agreed Escrow, Inc. (“Agreed”) just launched its online service at Agreed is one of only a handful of businesses licensed to conduct Internet escrows by the California Department of Business Oversight.

This is their press release:

To facilitate safe and secure online transactions, Agreed acts as a neutral third-party that holds a buyer’s funds while the seller transfers the property to the buyer. Assuming that the buyer is satisfied, Agreed releases the funds to the seller. Essentially, an online transaction between two parties, usually unknown to each other, becomes risk-free.

Agreed, a subsidiary of domain industry veteran Thought Convergence, will initially offer domain and website escrows, and has plans to quickly add functionality to escrow many forms of personal property and services. “The launch of Agreed is the culmination of a multi-year team effort spanning initial licensing and regulatory approval, through product research and scoping, and on to final design and development. As more and more transactions migrate to our new platform, it will quickly become evident that Agreed is quite simply the best licensed online escrow solution on the web today… and there is still so much more to come in the weeks and months ahead,” said Agreed CEO, Ammar Kubba.

In developing the escrow platform, Agreed focused heavily on adding features absent in other escrow services, facilitating the growing complexity and creativity of today’s domain and website transactions. Multiple buyers, sellers and brokers can participate in and manage transactions through In addition to handling simple transactions where there is a single, lump sum payment, users can also set up and be parties to financed transactions where buyers make installment payments. These financed transactions can include down payments or balloon payments, with terms ranging from two months to ten years.

Not only does Agreed facilitate purchase transactions, Agreed also handles the fast-growing segment of domain lease transactions. Users can set the duration of a lease, the payment frequency, a lease deposit, and whether there is an option to purchase the asset. If there is an option, users can further specify whether any portion of the lease payment goes toward the exercise price of the option and when that option may be exercised. In both financed and lease transactions, Agreed holds the asset in escrow while providing the buyer/lessee with access and control. Again, Agreed eliminates the risk in these transactions for all parties involved.

In building its escrow service, Agreed sought to complement the extensive feature set with an intuitive and responsive design. provides its users helpful information via a step-by-step roadmap and continuously keeps all parties updated throughout the escrow process. Agreed was designed from the ground up to ensure that its clients can easily set up, view, and update their escrow transactions, anytime and anywhere, whether on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

About Agreed
Agreed is an Internet escrow agent licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight (Licensed No. 9632645). Agreed offers domain and website escrow services through its website, For more information, please visit


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