Founder and CEO of .CO says: “New TLDs: Bring it!”

Juan Diego Calle that is the founder and CEO at .CO Internet SAS posted an article at the Go.Co blog. I more or less agree with his post.

He asked a question: “In the next two years we are going to see a massive proliferation of new top level domain extensions (nTLDs). […] How will .CO fare in this new environment?”

His answer?

“While it may sound counter-intuitive, we’ve been HUGE advocates of the nTLD process from the very start.  But why would a relatively new TLD like .CO actually want even more competition?  After all, isn’t competing with the likes of .com and other legacy domain extensions quite enough to deal with?”

“In a world with no scarcity in the naming system, and where there is little predisposition to register a .com domain name – I am confident that .CO will flourish.”

His main points are:

  • Increased awareness of alternative domains.
  • All tides will rise.
  • And .CO will rise with the tide.

And he ended by saying:

“Together, these factors represent a powerful competitive advantage that will be hard for any other TLD to compete against.  They may seem like nuances to some, but in a world of real competition, it’s the nuances that count – unfair or not.

All this said, I do think the terrain is going to get bumpy in the next few years.  The introduction of nTLDs will be confusing to consumers, there will be some failures, and registrars and resellers will understandably be overwhelmed by the daunting task of implementing 1000s new domain options.

But the dust surely will settle.  Consumer awareness surely will rise.  And the adoption of alternative TLDs surely will grow.

And while I’m not a betting man, my bet is that .CO will grow disproportionately faster than any of its existing and new peers.

Bring it.”

You can read the complete article at the Go.Co blog.


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  1. Nice thoughts about nTLDs, Although 1000s of new top level domains are coming but I understand that a business man need not require to be worry about all those new domain extensions. He may just register one or couple that are relevant to his industry and expertise.

  2. If you’re like me you agree with everything except the stuff about dot co 🙂

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